40kgs Weight loss/Liposuction/Scoliosis/Teeth related

Claire Audrey Lim weighs about 90kg before she embarked on her weightloss journey. She managed to lose a total of 40kgs and is also known as the ‘weightloss blogger’ in Singapore.

Claire appeared on yahoo news on 10th july 2012: YAHOO!

She was also on SHIN MIN daily news on 5th August 2012! and attended 938 LIVE interview on 30/8 at 9pm!

These are the posts that she have blogged before related to weight loss. Enjoy reading! 🙂

Sharing the exercises I DO!
Snacks substitute!
Let’s get rid of water retention!
Soup Spoon, healthy?
Post overseas excess kilos!!
Don’t give up!
Interesting diet facts!
When should I have my salad?
Lose more by eating right!
Another emotional story of my weight loss journey
I sweat a lot after exercising, am I burning fats?
Crazy green tea diet
What should I do if I really feel like snacking?
Time for some hulahooping!
Healthy eating, healthy cooking!
Some of my healthy exotic meals!
A great dressing for your boiled veggies!
Count your calories using tablespoon and teaspoon!
A sample diet!
See what I eat sometimes?
Use Kitchen scale to count your calories!
Problems after massive weightloss
Try this experience with me and see if it helps your binge eating even abit? 😛
Latest favourite snacks
Binge eating
Tips to control your cravings
Lose weight with Hulahoop
How to avoid weight gain during CNY
How often should you weigh yourself
Low calorie instant coffee I recommend!
Sharing my tips to lose 10kg and keeping it off!
Can housework replace exercise?
Does Rice make me fat?
S line fit Jung Da Yeon workout – slim your waist!

Liposuction related
My liposuction journey 
Scar tissue and swelling
Improve your blood circulation so your legs won’t retain water

Her Braces 

Finally Braces!
My Life – The braces journey
My Life – Lower braces
Braces journey – 1 year plus.. 
Video on braces – before after and retainer care 

Her Spine Operation

My Life – Spinal Scoliosis Surgery. 
Years after the spinal surgery
How my spine look like now and chiropractic review

Feel free to leave a comment or DM her at IG: claireaudreylim if you have any questions you would like to ask. 🙂