How To Lose Weight Article P6: My daily diet!

One common question I received is, ‘what do you eat to lose weight? what’s your daily diet like? etc etc’

Okay, today I shall share what i usually eat!

The must haves in my diet!

1st: Sunshine Softgrain bread


I must eat this for breakfast, this is the only wholemeal bread that my stomach can take it, I dunno why but if I eat other brand I will constipate, so yeah! Bread is god damn good, you can eat it with anything you want. Usually for breakfast I just eat it with strawberry jam.

Per serving: 120calories, Fiber 4.4g
Easy to digest, low fat, low calories.

2nd: Meat and Eggs

I got this from google, so ignore the wordings!

Protein is very important. I’ve tried eating just vegetables and fruits for dieting purpose, it’s useless, it just make you super hungry.

Eat the meat and cut out the skin and fats!
Limit yourself to one egg yolk a day!

3rd: Fruits and vegetables


get from google again

A day without vegetables will kill me, fruits still okay. And it’s important to eat all kinds of vegetables cos they got different types of vitamins. Sad to say if you dun like vegetables, it’s quite hard to achieve healthy weightloss. but still, it varies.

4th: Snacks!

i swear i rotate the picture already but i dunno why still like this!

Weetameal! This is my favorite for now! The best thing 7pieces for 100+ calories! 😀

And if you ask me what do I eat outside?

1. Yong Tau Foo
2. Subway
3. Fish soup, dumpling soup
so on and so forth.

If I go to a restaurant, salad and soup is a must. If not I order a set meal and pass the rice to mr tey. hoho

I think you’re going to ask me why I never eat rice and noodles right?

My main source of carbs come from bread, i love to eat bread!
I dun like rice and noodles. And I dun crave for them as well. I just feel like im eating flour -.- okay i know bread also flour, but i love chewing bread 😀

Yah i think that’s all. OH! Throughout the day I spam alot of sweets, like hichew, lollipops, all the high sugar contents, well I know it’s unhealthy but mouth itchy HAHA! habit alrdy :/ must cut down.

AND AND AND!!! I must have a cup of milo a day! My energydrink!

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2 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight Article P6: My daily diet!

  1. hmm…just kpoh a bit claire..but what u do with the egg yolk? throw away? i love egg…so i actually try to have meat and eggs BUT i eat all the egg yolks (max 2 a day, but not everyday larh. cos i got habit not eating more than 3 eggs a week, my mum teach from young de).

    and i loved mixed rice too…usually order one egg one meat one veg…i find that cos i cut down on rice/noodles for quite a few months (dinner nv eat rice for years le, unless i eat out), eating an entire mixed rice set v jelat for me..but i miss..seems liek cant eat le..if eat half v wasteful. although they cook the stuff in lots of oil.

    just sharing 🙂

    lol i dun really like to eat egg yolks, unless it’s soft boiled or extremely flavoured one. yes i would throw away, weighing between high cholesterol and wastage of food, i think i would choose the former. that’s alright for you cos i read before somewhere it’s ok to egg 1egg yolk a day for normal people. but also got research says not to eat more than 4yolks a week.

    lol share with your friend/bf? that’s what i do usually if i can’t finish.

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