Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B vitamins review – for hairloss. Scary!

The last time I talked about my hair care routine I mentioned that I will blog about this particular product that scares me. That product is Klorane and today Im going to review it.

The salesperson recommended me to get the Klorane Shampoo and claimed that it is very popular and works for everyone with hair problems. Unfortunately for me.. Maybe im sway or what. But this doesnt work for me at all.

I bought this because I wanted to find an alternative to my Naturvital, you know trying out new products and all..

After I bought it I immediately did abit of research (i know right.. Why didnt I research beforehand) the thing is Im quite impulsive when it comes to buying things. This applies to everything in my life la actually..

Ok so… I got mixed reviews from the net. The good ones were still not too bad but the bad reviews are actually quite worrying, especially when Im the one who will be using the shampoo.

The reviews I read are from makeupalley and here are some of them:

To my absolute horror, it increases my hair fall a lot after each wash. At first, i thought maybe i think too much even though i have seen more hair fall on the floor and reckon that no shampoo would make your hair fall till you get bald. However, the thinning of my hair accelerated with this shampoo. I forgot how many times i used this shampoo before i stopped, maybe less than 10. When i noticed suddenly the part of my scalp especially in the parting showed more obviously, i stopped (i wished i stopped sooner).
Once i stopped, the number of my hair falling is back to normal. I couldn’t imagine if i use more, i would become more bald. What is infuriating is that i was buying a hair loss product but it made it much worse.
Please do everyone else a favour, get the products off the shelves. This is much worse than a product that does nothing, it thins our hair further. Something is wrong with this product. Tell the company to do more research.
Source: keiradead makeupalley

I was not experiencing serious hairfall but bought it more for prevention and because I read excellent reviews from most people who’ve tried it. However, a short while after I started using it, I notice a bit more of my hair falling out than usual. I tried to convince myself that it is normal to lose some hair and still used the shampoo. After some months, I definitely notice more hair falling out when I’m in the shower, brushing my hair, or some strands would even fall when i’m simply walking around! Then I went online and checked out the few negative reviews on this product, where they experience the same thing as me, having more hair fall after using this shampoo.

So while this shampoo might work effectively for many people, it looks like there’s a minority group where it actually have the opposite effect on us and cause more hair fall. I feel that the shampoo is too strong for me in some way, I feel stinging sensation on my scalp after using it. Maybe because I have fine, sensitive hair.
Source: natalia98 makeupalley

his product does what it says it will – I found it did cut back (significantly) on hair lost in the shower, and also breakage. I don’t have a problem with hair loss – but I have had problems with breakage, so thought this might help. I find that it also gives me more volume. I think the smell might put people off – but I like it. It’s just kind of masculine, which makes sense since I could see men looking for a shampoo to prevent hair loss. I found it gentle and very easy on my hair.

Source: beautyjunkie22 makeupalley

After reading the negative reviews, I thought I should throw or sell it away :X lol! But i was also having this internal conflict cos no.1 i have already paid for it and no.2 i should review it myself before judging it right. zzz.

So obviously I went ahead and try and I’m sad to say that I’ve had a bad experience with it. FYI Simon is using this shampoo too but he has no problem with it so I guess it is really up to individual hair conditions.

Ok so here’s my review:

 photo IMG_0147_zpscvik29fj.jpg

 photo IMG_0148_zpsbbebgala.jpg

First it’s very watery, dark in colour and smells like herbal medicine.

Secondly, I already see an increase in hairfall on the 2nd day from using the shampoo. BUT I continue to use it for a week because I want to monitor it further. 🙁 Eventually I stop using because there was no improvement and I was getting stressed seeing all the hairs on the toilet floor.

I don’t remember if it makes my hair softer or smoother or not but I know I won’t buy it again, will give my one to Simon instead. I’m surprised he has no problems with it. :O

Moral of the story: i shall be loyal and stick to my naturvital. 

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