Daily Vanity! SG beauty-only E-magazine!

I realized there’s some issues that I always FACED when looking for new skincare products.

1. I dun really know if the product is really that good or it’s just advertising.
2. Good products are usually super exp and I can’t confirmed if it really suits me!

If you have the same problems like me, you will be happy to know what I’m going to introduce in today’s post!!

Now you can shop for tried-and-tested products at a fraction of its retail price with DailyVanity !!! Dun need to worry about spending a big sum of money on a product that you’re unsure of! Other than shopping, there’s videos, trends and styles and even beauty tips for you! (and of cos more!)

Not only that, the products are genuinely reviewed and handpicked for sale, dun think cheap means it’s not reliable, DailyVanity sourced from cheap and reliable sources to help us to save money!! 🙂 It’s always good to have someone that is a beauty junkie to have a beauty E-site so she will know what exactly a beauty junkie wants!

 photo dv_zps22b11d43.jpg

In order to recommend more great products to us, DailyVanity also have flash sales every week! Currently they have already launched 3collections, and sale items including SK-II, Lancome and Philosophy! E.g SK-II Facial treatment essence, it’s sold at $69 instead of $99!! What a great deal!
 photo shop_zpscfea0210.jpg

DailyVanity also introduces and stocks cult brands like VMV Hypoallergenics, Bioderma & Institut Esthederm!

 photo Capture_zps66b1cdb9.jpg

Other than the variety of products and good prices, what is so special about DailyVanity?

Even though it’s a virtual site, they tried their very best to interact with you. A personal handwritten note is written to each shopper, sharing the benefits of the products bought and how to use them. Every parcel is PAINSTAKINGLY wrapped before it is sent off to ensure its reaches its future owner in mint condition. HOW SWEEET IS THAT?? Such a personalized service!

 photo 1385240_594278740618248_773874781_n_zps548cc112.jpg

All thanks to Kristen Juliet Soh and Keith Toh for this exciting beauty e site!

And if you are reading this now, good luck because I’m going to give you discount code for shopping on DailyVanity! REMEMBER TO USE BEFORE 31 OCT OK!

Start reading, watching and shop! you will be able to get 10% off by typing ‘claire’ as the coupon code! Do enjoy your purchase. 😀

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