[S-series] Gear Review: Porter International, Quality Leather Goods from Japan

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My old wallet, the Mitchell Leather Premium Horween Dublin, has served me for many years. Its surprisingly durable and it survived my many amateur cleaning attempts yet still aged gracefully. I finally decided to change it not because it’s broken, its just that I saw a wallet I really like from a brand I always wanted to own something from. So I merely relegated my Mitchell wallet to the archive, in the event that its services is needed again in future.

So now its back to the subject of this post, a wallet from the Porter brand by Yoshida & Co., Ltd.



I always liked Porter’s simple and clean design with that subtle hint of uniqueness in its products. I always wanted to own one of their small leather goods, and this particular series caught my attention with its rugged look.


This Porter Lumber line money clip wallet, according to their site, is made by highly skilled craftsmen who did the triple stitch on this thick leather “and “Kikuyose”, the traditional Japanese method to create pleats on the corners. And this process sharpens the entire image while keeping its casual taste. ” quoting their description on the website.

There is always that brass accessory ring with that leather strips with golden, embossed letters spelling the brand. I find it rugged and casual yet elegant in its own way.


Pros before, Now cons

My only qualm with it is the card slots. If I were to add cards to the slots outside, it will look horrible with the card sticking out. I ended up only using the wallet to carry cash and 3 cards only, that’s hardly enough for my daily use. But I can get used to it I suppose. This is also why Mitchell wallet is still relevant, its the best design a money clip wallet can have IMO.

In conclusion, I guess I was only sold on its ‘cool’ factor, that’s why I hesitated very long in the Porter shop during our Hong Kong trip. But I still ended up getting it for about S$180 after conversion. Its by no means a high end luxury brand, but I never cared for those high end overpriced stuff anyways, I look for quality, and this wallet has plenty of that in it.

Find Porter International at Wisma Atria:

435 Orchard Road, #03-06 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
Operation Hour Mon. -Sun. 10:30~22:00

Although I’m not sure whether you can get Porter Lumber series here in Singapore, do check out their website or call them before you go down.


Simon Tey

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