Free Rilakkuma Mugs with purchase of Darlie toothpaste!

For all Rilakkuma lovers here’s a deal for you.

You can get rilakkuma mugs by buying Darlie Toothpaste! All my life I’ve only used Darlie toothpaste so this is like a bonus for me. 😀  photo IMG_1065_zpsu1wliik8.jpg

There are 4 different types of Rilakkuma mugs for you to choose from, white, blue, yellow and pink. The pink one seems to be the most popular choice since the one I got is the last pink from the NTUC rack. My personal favourite is also the pink one so actually quite lucky luh. :p

The free mugs are only applicable for Double Action MultiCare, Double Action Enamel Protect and Double Action.

Simon got the yellow one for himself too. LOL!

 photo IMG_1066_zpse6hp3to8.jpg

Actually the yellow one also quite cute!

 photo IMG_1067_zpskml0tv68.jpg

And this is my pink mug. =D I used to have one mug that looked similar to this but Simon accidentally broke it. -_-

Anyway I have never used Enamel Protect and Multicare before so I shall try and maybe post a review! By the way BTO reno part 4 (written by Simontey) post will be coming up tomorrow!

this promo ends 23rd June, act fast if you want!