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Couple BTO/renovation planning: 
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What we do at home? Cook and Snack, ALOT.

The couple’s cooking diary: 
Pasta with beef sausage and mozzarella.

The couple love to snack ALOT.
Japanese snacks are the best! 
Claire loves to snack P1: All kinds of snacks we have been munching on lately
Claire loves to snack P2: Irvin’s Salted egg chips, Ikea snacks and many more!
Claire loves to snack P3: Nissin Tom Yam Potato Chips and more!
Claire loves to snack P4: Asam Tree Cafe, Blueberry Cheese tarts (Le Cafe) and more snacks and drinks! 
Claire loves to snack P5: AJ Delights muffins, Otah waffle tampines, cup noodles and more! 
Claire loves to snack P6: Mama Cup noodle, swiss roll, mee sua and more!