Sleeping at our new not-ready-yet BTO for the first time!!

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A few weeks ago we went to our house and stay for a night. Very exciting and fun but alot of things to do too!

It is quite difficult for me to explain but we wanted to avoid moving in during the lunar 6th and 7th month. My mother in law told us that it’s not good to move in during the lunar 6th month because it’s ‘yi ban’ half (middle of the year) and 7th month because of the ghost festival.

Simon usually don’t believe in such things but I get influenced easily so we ended up doing something funny just to act like we have already moved in before the lunar 6th month.
We did some research and find out that we need to sleep, bathe, cook, switch on the electricity, bring in money to our house on that day to signify that we are moving in and yes this is my house so if there’re anything inside it’s time for them to go out! Anyway if you’re interested to know the dos and don’ts for moving house then click here!
We did not bring any urn in by the way but instead we pour the rice grains into a lock and lock container (he says this is more practical) and followed by sticking a red and gold sticker that denotes ‘Fullness’ (满). a printed piece of paper that denotes ‘fullness’. (满).

So far so good I think you’re following quite closely. Now I’m going to talk about cooking in our house. The thing is our stove is not ready yet! Our kitchen was bare back then so there was no way we can cook! I was quite anal about this part because we have to cook to complete the process! So you guess what we did? We brought over a induction cooker to simulate cooking. HA HA HA.

 photo IMG_1714_zpswbtlphir.jpg

Sigh… if only I had done a vlog. It would be so funny please. I also forgot to mentioned the condition of our house. It was dirty. Dusty. Toilets were half done. Heater not yet done. Lightings not entirely done, overall it was still a mess.

I realized I am quite anal about my house. I scrubbed the toilet bowl, wall and floors like mad. We did the vacuuming and mopping together, and he cleaned the windows. 24th floor is actually really scary especially when I stand at my windows and looked down. :O

We slept at 2-3am because the room was very quiet and the street lights were too bright. Oh yes we haven’t put up curtains yet. AHHH so many things to do!

Anyway yesterday was our final cleaning and already more or less completed! I’m really very excited to show you my furnitures, decor and all. Slow and steady yay!

I shall show you some pics for that night first! 

 photo IMG_1717_zpskpyvpb93.jpg

I think Simon must be very sad to sleep on this girly bed. This set costs us about $170-190 after discount. zzz I actually wanted an all white sheet but our room is too plain right now, so if I were to put white, I think it will look very scary. (Imagine that)

I will probably switch this to white again after all the necessary items in our room are fixed up.

The day before Taobao also delivered our chairs and I’m very happy that they are in great condition! We got 2 black and 2 white chairs, eames inspired! and might be getting a few more. If I’m not wrong they are less than 20bucks each.

Totally the same concept as ikea, fix and drill yourself.

 photo IMG_1646_zpsjz0cg7ks.jpg

 photo IMG_1648_zpsoc3uwgi8.jpg

 photo IMG_1649_zps6prbhy1w.jpg

 photo IMG_1650_zpsdjvugvx5.jpg

it’s quite straightforward.

 photo IMG_1651_zpsyry73m39.jpg

 photo IMG_1654_zpsbqhxjgfb.jpg

There’re 2 legs where you have to turn the screw yourself because the space is too narrow for the driller/screw driver to fit in.

 photo IMG_1655_zpsh4hksj4e.jpg

After we are done with the chairs, he went to fix the bed so we can sleep!

 photo IMG_1710_zpswjplq1tf.jpg

Got our bed frame from IKEA. The same one simon has at his own place. The bed frame together with the extension thing costs less than $200.

 photo IMG_1712_zpsgsx7rgak.jpg

He is quite familiar with this as he fixed one before but I think that day he was too tired so he placed some parts wrongly and got to redo again. lol!

And this is the very troublesome bed base, that can make our bed higher – something that acts like a bed riser i guess? This is about $50! Cheap but you have to individually fix the boards into the ‘small holders’.

 photo IMG_1713_zpseyp3kkwe.jpg

which he spend alot of time on as there were also colour codes to follow! Grey with dark grey, white with light grey.. This really takes alot of time.

While he was doing the bed, I was using this cooker to boil water so that we can make milo. lol!

 photo IMG_1714_zpswbtlphir.jpg

Using the induction can be quite dangerous I feel.

 photo IMG_1715_zpsaybx4kl0.jpg

Then there’s also our random stuffs behind.

The last thing Simon did was the mirror! This is super important to me as I need to makeup before going to work the next day! Got this from Ikea also! Costs less than 80. Mad love that there are hooks behind. Good for my hats and belts!

 photo IMG_1718_zpsjmyzyyyo.jpg

and that’s it for that night! was very tired because we couldn’t really sleep well and have to wake up early for work. :O but now with the flat ready and clean, I can’t wait to move in already!! Hope you guys are as excited as we are! 😀

Will talk more about our house in the next post! Thank you for reading hehe.


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