About us

Hi guys!

This is Claire and Simon! We are Singaporean, married and living together in our own HDB flat! We both have day jobs and we writes a little at night and during our free time. Just like your typical Singaporean married couple right? Travelling is our blood, and the essence of it all is the fact that we are spending time together. We just find it really hard to leave each other alone. That might be why we got married! Not. LOL. Marriage ain’t a game people.

Let’s introduce the couple!


Claire writes about beauty, and weight loss because she succeeded in losing 40 kg! She has maintained her figure since and picked up jogging a few years ago in order to keep fit. Claire is also a dreamer, and she often let her heart and mind fly out of control, high above the skies, moderation is not in her dictionary.

Claire also has a weird disposition at home in private, she adopts this child-like demeanor unintentionally and it never fails to amuse Simon. What they say is true, its only when you live together, do you see a person’s true colours.


Simon is a photography hobbyist and loves new gears and gadgets. He is also into hiking. When he has a chance to hike, he will pounce on the opportunity, otherwise he treats his daily commute to work as a hiking activity, carrying all his gears in his backpack even though he won’t use them at work.

Despite his obsessive dreams on hiking in the wilderness, Simon is a realist. His duty is to anchor the dreamer in this combo firmly to the ground, so she won’t fly too close to the sun.


This site is a platform for us to share our experiences and random happenings in our lives as we go on a journey as an average married couple living in Singapore! Till death do us part!

Hope you enjoy our content, its supposed to be lighthearted and do take our opinions with a pinch of salt, because it’s just an opinion, your mileage may vary.

Feel free to drop us a message if you want to connect!

Claire and Simon. Or Simon and Claire. Whichever works. We equal yo.

Claire: dreylim1@gmail.com
Simon: simontey@live.com

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