IKEA mid summer buffet! and now let’s prepare for Christmas buffet!

Throwback to June when we went for the IKEA Midsummer buffet for my birthday dinner. I love IKEA food so when he told me about this I got very excited about it!

We paid $40 for 2 person and I consider this pretty affordable!

 photo IMG_1349-2_zps0dqqahbw.jpg

We saw Zheng Ge Ping and Hong Hui Fang while queuing at IKEA.

 photo IMG_1354-2_zpsvamnwwzl.jpg

He looks like he’s looking at my camera. ohmy..

 photo IMG_1366-2_zpsviephgx9.jpg

We put down our stuffs and went to get food. It was very crowded and pretty much a mess. The food I mean.

Didn’t take alot of photos but here you go~

 photo IMG_1371-2_zps8k9l8aod.jpg

 photo IMG_1377-2_zpsrvz5kboi.jpg

Chicken Ham. MSG food.

 photo IMG_1380-2_zpso1477nok.jpg

Salmon! My favourite!

 photo IMG_1382-2_zpsmdw8mlv6.jpg

 photo IMG_1385-2_zpsbqlwpx9c.jpg

Nuggets and instant curry sauce.

 photo IMG_1364 1-2_zpstijzp47i.jpg

Desserts!! Everyone was chionging for the desserts. I don’t know why though.

 photo IMG_1388-2_zpscmomxbz2.jpg

Falafel balls which we were not a fan of.

 photo IMG_1392-2_zpsmidzyajk.jpg


 photo IMG_1396-2_zpsjsdb2zsn.jpg

Usual meatballs but with tomato sauce. mmm.

 photo IMG_1402-2_zpsvchvirta.jpg

Our first round.

 photo IMG_1407-2_zpsbhiozoai.jpg

Chocolate pudding!

Didn’t want to take any more photos because it was too chaotic. lol! I ended up sitting at my table and unwrapped my present hahaha.

 photo IMG_1410-2_zpstcksexao.jpg

My husband is a cute guy, the letters are cut off from a gummy. lol! And the overpriced macaron he got from Ion Orchard.

 photo IMG_1414-2_zpsezlkr3qz.jpg

and my watch with cute stickers. hehehe.

Overall the food was alright. My favourite was the salmon definitely and churros! I’m disappointed because there are no chicken wings!! How can they not provide that!!! But if they have wings then everyone will be eating that only I guess.

Anyway of course I will still be going back for their mid summer buffet next year BUT before that, SWEDISH CHRISTMAS BUFFET is happening on the 23rd December! 😀 Time for me to have IKEA buffet again yay!

 photo ikea christmas_zpshtogekt7.jpg

not very sure if this applies to non members, do check beforehand! 🙂

Till the next people! 😀
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