[Simonseries] Gear review: Chrome Industries Mini-Metro

Erm… Hi..

Today I’m gonna talk about one of my guilty pleasures..

I love to shop, because I liked new gadgets and gears.. So… recently I decided I need to replace my Topo Mountain Bag.. It was a good bag, but because I tend to overload my bags with my mega-EDC(will probably make a post on my current EDC soon..) Therefore, I went on a search to find my next messenger bag… Heh heh.. must say sorry to my wallet…

Anyways, I have some criteria to fulfil:

  1. Must be durable
  2. Water resistant or waterproof lagi better
  3. Big enough for me to carry all my ever growing EDC barang barang
  4. Comfortable for a skinny guy with sloping shoulders like mine.
  5. Must enable me to access my water bottle conveniently, this is crucial for my Achalasia issue.
  6. Have some organizer feature.

And so I came on to this Chrome Mini Metro bag (and a green Roadrunner phone pouch):

I know i know, its in such a bright colour.. Because I worry I’ll get hit by a car when I cross the road, thus this colour to catch people’s attention… No… Its because the auntie in me wanna get a good deal, so the good deal happen to only have this colour available.. Anyways I love it for its bloody wide shoulder strap, even though the bag itself weigh hefty, its still comfortable to carry all my stuff on one shoulder.

Check out the *bling* seat belt buckle! Its screaming “I’m here and I’m gonna cross the road so hit me O’driver!!” Anyways with this buckle so attention-seeking, there’s always this danger of itchy finger people *eh hem*wifey*eh hem* who will tap at the button just to see if it will unlock and send my precious cargo crashing onto the cold hard floor..

This bag is “built twice” as what the Chrome Industries employee says. What you see on the outside is the ballistic nylon shell, and the inside is a grey tarp ‘bucket’. So essentially this bag goes ballistic and still waterproof its cargo. something like that… I got to test that waterproofing part recently when I was caught in a heavy downpour with some important documents inside. I need to go to where wifey is but there’s that waterfall of rain between us.. Without an umbrella.. What to do.. Lucky this bag is built for this exact purpose anyways, its supposed to be an urban bike courier bag, don’t think these couriers will abandon their mission because of rain right? So in keeping to that spirit, I ran in the rain and soaked the bag. But of course, the documents survive unscathed. *thumbsup*

And behold, this bag swallows my barang barangs, namely my 2x water bottles, my camera, a small folder, my zhng-ed lanyard, many pens, extra thick notebook, portable charger and 3x cables for my electronics, sometimes an XL umbrella to accommodate me and wifey and a bunch of bananas on Mondays. The organizers also cannot tahan my too many barangs till I have to use another man-pouch as the organizer. No organizer can accommodate my barangs. Yes it weigh a ton and I sprained my thumbs carrying all this stuff… Other than that, it fulfilled all my criteria.

Well what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. right?

This bag shall continue to serve me, till I finally move to Sengkang and buy a bicycle to commute to and fro work. Till then..

to be continued.

Simon Tey

P.S. I actually bought another Chrome bag but it was too small to carry all my barang barang, so I’m trying to sell it. Its like brand new, only tried it out once. Its also an excellent bag, new design and I liked the 2x small pockets infront. But it has an integrated laptop sleeve that I don’t need, good for documents but not good for my barang barangs.. its the Chrome Mini Buran in Indigo/Jade (colour out of stock now I think). Check it out on my carousell if you’re interested 😀