The different types of guys you will find in dating apps

Recently the topic ‘dating apps’ have been very popular in my office. This inspired me to write this post today.

The different kinds of ASSHOLES guys you will find in dating apps, or should I say boys? It’s kinda funny who you will see in the app, like your friend’s friend, your friend’s husband, your friend’s girlfriend and etc etc.. which is kinda disturbing because you don’t know if it’s the right thing to tell your friend or just close one eye about it.

Then here comes all the single or maybe married guys will come and talk to you and once you got to know each other better, you slowly find out some of their ‘traits’.

I share these with my friend and I thought it would be fun to do this as a blog post. lol!

Guy type 1: The emo/my girlfriend/wife cheats on me guy: 

He is always talking about how his exes (not one mind you) cheated on him and how he wish he could find the right one to be with him forever.

It could be true but if they are just stories then he probably gonna say you are the one for him and end up he is either attached or married.

Guy type 2: The act serious/I’ve been looking for awhile and still looking for the right one: 

The guy who tell you he has been meeting tons of girls and still looking for that only one. Usually this kind sounds like he is damn serious about the other half but he is just a casanova and very good at this game. The fishing game.

Guy type 3: I’m sorry and MIA guy

Always saying I’m sorry, sorry sorry and sorry. Always playing the hot and cold game. He is very good at giving excuses, from broken hand to bringing the pets to the vet.

Guy type 4: I’m just fooling around/looking for FB

Straightforward. Im just looking for a F*** buddy!!

Guy type 5: The married man. (which could be link to Guy type 1) 

Just do a search on facebook and you found out they are married with kids! Boom! 

Guy type 6: The always show his gugubird guy. 

Haven’t even talk but already send you photo of his bird. Like wtf?

Guy type 7: A friend

Quite possible.

Guy type 8: The one that you’re looking for. 

Be very patient. There’s a possibility but it’s not high.

Actually this list does not only apply to guys, girls as well. You will be surprised with how many different types of people there are in this world. I mean it’s still something new to explore if you’re young BUT just be more alert and smart when using the apps. well of course if you’re looking for FB only then it’s another story. but you get what I mean la..

Sometimes it also depends on the kind of vibe you give to them, if you show that you’re just out to play then of course people won’t treat you seriously right? I think it’s quite important to be yourself, just be who you are in the app, doesn’t have to act flirtatious or playful or adventurous or whatever. Be yourself and you will then find a normal and suitable one.

You’re not wrong to show that you’re a playful person too, but just know where to draw the line. At the end of the day, as long as you know what you want and what you’re looking for then I’m sure you know what to do. You only live once, have fun yes but please also make smart choices and live with no regrets.

I hope this post interests you. It’s a super random post.. anyway I’ve been writing alot of random things lately. Aiya I need to stop ranting, Claire still have to rest. So here I end my post and till the next interesting one. 😀 or maybe you want to give me some topic?

OH by the way I have selected my toilet tiles! Will blog about it soon!! 😀

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