Maki-San lunch special! The Maki-San Sumo Bundle!

Have you heard of Maki-san?

We’ve been quite familiar with Maki-san because we frequent The Cathay a lot, for dinner. There’s an outlet there at B1 and and and there’s always a long queue! Its popular as a quick snack or meal for moviegoers, the convenience of a makizushi is like holding a hotdog but only much more healthy and nutritious.

So they came up with this new combo meal and we were invited to the Cineleisure outlet to try it!

The Maki-San Sumo Bundle
So basically, for those who haven’t been to Maki-san before, just look for the form and fill it up! Here’s how it look like:

 photo sushiform_zpsjmga3er6.jpg

Its foolproof, as long as you know how to read. I guess..
For the bundle, don’t bother about the Little-san, you’re going/growing bigger! So order the Mega-san! We took up the Trio-bundle and that entitled us with 3 Mega-sans, 1 premium and 1 regular snacks and 3 canned drinks.
Here’s what we ordered:
  photo IMG_4306_zpsrnshfq2b.jpg
The pink crepe skin is the healthy soy wrap. The crepe(egg) and nori wrap should be self explanatory. We took the tempura calamari and tempura enoki as our snacks, like all deep fried stuff, they were oily, but who cares right as long as they taste good. To hell with the calories, I’m not Claire. 😡
It may seem little, but the 3x Mega-san fill you right up to the brim. I’m surprised, I eat a moderate male portion generally and Claire eats approximately 1/4 of what I ingests. Not to mention the snacks came in generous portions. The canned drinks are a bonus.
Taste-wise I had my nori wrap one and depends on what ingredient you choose, your mileage might defer. I know my combination is always weird, I chose:
  • Asparagus
  • Roasted Mushrooms
  • Shredded Chicken
  • Takuan (pickled radish)
  • Tempura Enoki Mushrooms

With Wasabi Furikake sprinkle, Yuzu Sesame sauce and Grilled Unagi special…

The rice is sticky but a tad too dry to my taste, I usually like my sushi rice moist. After everything is rolled up, to be honest, I can’t figure out the taste of individual items, all I get from my tongue is just salty and chewy and sweet and crunchy and nice!
And so that’s all from me. Do give it a try, imagine if you’re going out with 3 friends, and if 4 of you each get a Mega-san, that will cost you $39.60 without drinks or snacks. Might as well get one of the Sumo Bundles and share right? Get more shiok and sinful snacks for less money. Its a no brainer.
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