[S-series] The New Lomo’Instant Automat Kickstarter Campaign!!!


Remember when Lomo’Instant first came out on Kickstarter back in 2014, I was one of the first backers and got the Kickstarter Edition. Unfortunately that cute thing had a battery leak and died on me. I have to say though, that Lomography was nice enough to replace my faulty camera with a brand new piece in a different colour scheme, because there isn’t another Kickstarter Ed camera to replace, bummer.

LomoInstant Automat_Mood_1_zpsivf4ckaj

In 2015, I got news about the Lomo’Instant Wide and I was so darned tempted to get it, but unfortunately I don’t have any budget for it at that point of time.. And technology advanced so fast it left me behind, while I was still slowly saving up for the Wide, here comes the Lomo’Instant Automat on Kickstarter..

(skip the next 2 paragraphs if you can’t appreciate my long-winded-ness)

I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about Lomography before, it’s a company founded by students, but when you say lomo, its more like a concept than a commercial company, at least this is how I interpret it. It stands for a way of creating photos in contrast with what the professional photographers or videographers does, instead of taking clinically perfect footage, perfect lighting, perfect sharpness, perfect everything. Lomo is asking you to take photos like how you perceive it, throw in all your bias and all the things that you like into the mix and see what you can create in your ‘experiments’. The true essence of capturing the moment, with spontaneous burst of creativity and your own queerness(originality). Not ‘staging’ it and making it look like those similar looking, plastic faces you see on your tv everyday, if you get what I mean.

Now when I’m still drooling on the Lomo’instant Wide, this comes along and gave me another thing to smear my drool all over. There are a lot of model names I know, please bear with me. I’ll just start calling my ol’Lomo’Instant the 1st Gen.

You see, this Automat version is the most advanced instant photo device I’ve seen using the good old polaroid films. It takes the widely available Fuji Instax Mini films. And uses advanced metering you only see on those expensive cameras in your nearest electronics store. It adjust the shutter speeds, aperture and flash output for you according to the situation. That means perfectly exposed shots everytime, no more guessing. No more wastage of film and worst, the perfect moment you meant to capture..properly… And further more, its said to be smaller than my 1st Gen. Beat that Fuj.. oh dear I shouldn’t give away any names..

LomoInstant Automat_South Beach_top_detail_zpsqkfvtft8

Focusing is easy to guess, even if you can’t read, you can at least guess from the little icons on the focusing wheel.

LomoInstant Automat_South Beach_back_detail_controls_zpsnro5a90x

The menus are now easier to control as well with these buttons, consolidated in one spot. Like toggling the flash on and off, exposure compensation etc. Easy! At least when compared to my own 1st Gen, which involves flicking a couple fiddly switch located all around the camera body..

LomoInstant Automat_South Beach_front_detail_lens_zps4y0hobbm

I have to confess, I actually caved… While writing this post, meant for sharing the good news with you guys… I couldn’t resist the temptation and backed the project myself at a time I’m a bit tight on my spending powers… God save me from the onslaught that is wifey my Commanding-Officer-at-home.. 

LomoInstant Automat_Playa Jardin Edition Quarter Right_zpss2vmzt4m

I’m gonna get the black one because I’m poor af, this is the cheapest kit available now..

LomoInstant Automat_Lens attachments_group_zpsxc6suqty

And I’m still contemplating the option of getting it with the lens kit, as long as the campaign is still running, you can still change your mind if you decide to cave in even more. Getting the combo means you will have the Fisheye, Wide Angle and Close-up lens attachments. Useful little things but I am seriously out of budget for them. 🙁

Its that good guys, seriously check it out, I can’t wait till it starts shipping. I wanna get my hands on it and shoot like crazy, or maybe sparingly.. because the film still cost a dollar a shot… LOL!

Yours truly,

Simon Tey

*P.S. all photos are from Lomographic Society International, I do not own any of them.*

*P.S.2 at the time of writing, you guys only have 17 days left to get a shot at this gem at a discount guys.*