[S-series] CompassOne Shan Cheng Ipoh Horfun (Ipoh Delicacies)


Today we went to CompassOne again, looking for a nice hot meal.

We stopped at Shan Cheng Hor Fun, check out the stall man, its basically a kitchen in the wall and a bunch of tables and chairs within a fence. Scary right? We’re like.. cattles… Except, of course, this is a mall in Singapore, no where else is safer than Singaporeans in a Singaporean mall right? Cheers fellow countrymen.

Shan Cheng sells Ipoh Delicacies, I’m not sure about you, but surely any local boy or girl would fully appreciate Chinese food from our dear neighbour. Its all rice, noodles and fishballs in this restaurant with lots of spicy salty sauces.

and I’m sure you guys already knew the name by now, its got ‘Hor Fun’ in it. So of course, we ordered some Hor Fun.

Not me though, mine is Yong Tau Foo (YTF) Curry Noodle. Sweet right!

Claire had the YTF Hor Fun, well not as sweet as mine now. TOO BAD.


Check out the fried stuff dripping with MY curry gravy. Yes as you would’ve guessed, Claire thinks her lacklustre Hor Fun is no match to MY curry noodles. Well I wouldn’t say its bad, but MY curry noodles is just too good.

And no chilli can turn her starchy gravy into curry. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Overall we had a blast of a meal. I’m totally filled to the brim, while Claire is left unsatisfied. Its a damn blast because after I go home, the curry came out of me in a blast as well. Who cares guys, its worth it.

CompassOne Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies)
1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078
Unit: #02-28/32
Tel: 6386 4564

Go and have a blast guys.

Simon Tey