[S-series] Why nobody thought about mass producing a little nut like this??


Recently I spent close to 30 bucks for this.

DSC07703_zpseyzwoi5d Its a screw, nut, bolt, whatever you wanna call it. Its custom-made but its not made of gold. So why did I spend money on something like this? DSC07702_zpsnwbrzvlh

I’m not sure if any of you noticed the tiny screw bit pentagonal hole. Like what the heck uses a pentagon shaped bit, because the world seems to use the hexagon shape.. Most of you would’ve known that I hand grind my own beans with my Porlex Mini Grinder. But turning the hand crank can take a bit of time and effort. So to make things easier, I wanted to use my electric drill on it, technically making it an electric burr grinder which would’ve cost me much more money.

BUT! When I happily try to fit my drill to the grinder.. Its does not fit. Why the heck did Porlex use a pentagon shaped bit!!

I was in such a dilemma when I have to hand grind again in the end, when it was really late in the night and I really have to sleep on a weekday.. I need my coffee. So I went looking for some kind of adapter on the internet and they were scarce. Because no one uses pentagon bits… The only option was to 3D print it via Shapeways and engage a forwarding company to send it to Singapore.

DSC07704_zpsieo5d8sh Now this thing marries my hand grinder to my electric drill, and I can grind my beans like a machine, its not without its flaws, because this cheapo method is heavily dependent on the power of your grip and the strength of the drill. I think if I were to grind ‘blond’ roast beans, my drill will give up on me. Blond roast are usually harder to grind, dark roast are more brittle and my drill is already running at full power, any lesser, the drill will not work.. So its either I get an even stronger drill or get a dedicated electric burr grinder… Well for the time being I’m still a poor kid so I’ll make do with this. It works and I’m glad. But someone really need to make this readily available.. DSC07705_zps4keoivvs

I’m a happy coffee addict now.