Exploring Singapore

I hope this space can inspire couples to keep having fun, to keep exploring and to keep loving each other and life. The sparks will die if you don’t work on it so please don’t be lazy! Let’s create new memories!

Exploring Singapore: 
Explore P1 x Crown Bakery & Cafe
Explore P2 x Aforarcade
Explore P3 x The provision shop & 5 the moments cafe
Explore P4 x SPRMKT Cafe x Sophialuv/Muji
Explore P5 x AIA music Run (media invite)
Explore P6 x Hafary for toilet tiles x Hervelvetvase
Explore P7 x Natural History Museum NUS & Hakata Ramen day 1/2
Explore P7 x Hakata Ikkousha Chijmes Ramen day 2/2
Explore P8 x Coney Island Park & Theclosetlover 
Explore P9 – Singapore Coffee Festival 2016
Explore P10 – Asanoya Bakery & National Gallery Singapore
Explore P11 – Japan Matsuri Fair Singapore 2016 & Gown forestry wedding photoshoot package!
Explore P12 – Castlery furnitures and Butter studio bakery cafe
Explore Series Special! Sharing our top 5 frequented dates spots! (collab)
Explore 13: NDP preview
Explore 14 Part 1: Moon Hotel Staycation with Lush Bath bomb review
Explore 15: Street 50 restaurant & bar Singapore Food Story Lunch buffet (media invite)
Explore 14 Part 2: Rochor Centre, Barcook bakery, Old Hen Coffee Bar for signature cold brew!
Explore 16: Trying out shaved gelato at Eyescream and friends CompassOne! (Invited event)
Explore 17: The reading room cafe review – awesome truffle egg benedict awesome steak, one word – awesome food. (invited food tasting)
Explore 18: Spicy Thai Thai Cafe – Authentic thai food Aljunied. (Invited food tasting)
Maki San Lunch Promo – Maki San Sumo Bundle (invited food tasting)
Explore 19: Marks and Spencer Cafe review
Explore 20: Gim tim restaurant with the family
Explore 21: Dinner session at Three By Table concepts Seletar Mall
Explore 22: Our experience at Halloween Horror Nights 6!!
Explore 23: Monster Curry Ion Orchard
Explore 24: Hokkaido Izakaya Wisma Atria Japan food town
Explore 25: Gyuu Yakiniku grill Emporium Shokuhin review (Media tasting)
Explore 26: Compass one Shan Cheng Ipoh Hor fun
Explore 27: Geylang for porridge, zi char and durians!!
Explore 28: In and out cafe Big box! Value for money eats! (Invited food tasting)
Explore 29: Ikea Midsummer buffet, christmas buffet too?
Explore 30: A trip to Kallang Wave, tried Ayam President and life update! 
Explore 31: Dinner Session at Olivia & Co Compass One
Explore 32: CNY buffet at Bay Hotel review – 13 dishes! (Media tasting)
Explore 33: Takashimaya B2: Takashimaya B2: Baikohken Ramen, Tsuru-koshi Udon House and more!
Explore 34: Fried Chicken Master 炸鷄大獅 at Serangoon Nex! (invited food tasting)
Explore 35: We went to the Zoo Part 1 to take river safari cruise! 
Part 2: Zoo and Armenian Street Char Kway Teow at Renjong!
Explore 36: Picnic Wisma Atria. Picnic in a park, in the mall.
E37: Culinaryon: Taste of Spring tasty dinner made by ourselves! (Media invite)
E38: BOUNCE Singapore Trampoline Park (Invited review)
E39: Legend Cafe/Beer Garden, Love their beer! 
E40: Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh 榕城(新民路)肉骨茶 at Midview City, we were disappointed.
E41, S-series: Misato IS BACK! at the Centrepoint!
E42: A visit to Wildseed Cafe, 3 Park Lane.
E43, S-series: Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe review
E44: S-series: Cook Mee by wheat, Raffles Xchange 
E45: S-series: Bukit timah nature reserve with our friends! 
E46: S-series: The Palmary, a social restaurant bar with super tasty everything!