Explore Matsuri & end up w a pre wedding photoshoot package!!

Dun even want to talk about how disappointed we are with the Matsuri but if you want you can refer here to Simon’s thoughts.

Here I also have some photos of the fair. (very crowded and small)

 photo IMG_1049_zps5tglqmio.jpg

 photo IMG_1052_zps4kxv1wid.jpg

 photo IMG_1051_zpsyfxeden3.jpg

 photo IMG_1050_zpsbgkfcfua.jpg

 photo IMG_1053_zpstcknpym1.jpg

I didn’t manage to get anything so in the end we went to Suntec instead. The disappointed couple decided to head to Yamakawa Super for some snacks to cheer them up!

Simon he bought his AGF SEN Origami Drip coffee and me, biscuits and chocolates!

 photo IMG_1055_zpsxwfw8z6m.jpg

I bought this Meiji Pickup Consomme and it’s surprisingly addictive! Actually you can get this from Cold storage too (i just realized).

 photo IMG_1056_zpszyfteliw.jpg

Always amazed with japanese food packaging, very creative and unique!

 photo IMG_1057_zpsvzquie1a.jpg

After that I bought this normal looking Nikkoh Milk chocolate because..

 photo IMG_1062_zpswwppvl7s.jpg

You can fill up as many as you like in the plastic bag just for 2bucks! Not sure if they still have this anot. 

 photo IMG_1058_zpsiaerkp9f.jpg

I keep squeezing and squeezing and squeezing HAHAHA.

 photo IMG_1059_zpsvo6c3zuo.jpg

 photo IMG_1061_zpsxraawkiq.jpg

 photo IMG_1064_zpsc7espdot.jpg

the result is a $2 compact plastic bag with about 20-30chocolates inside. 😀 maybe not worth it but I think it’s fun! (Y)

THEN finally the mainpoint of my post today is…

We signed a pre wedding photography package with Gown Forestry.. I blog about this bridal studio back in December last year because I fell in love with some of their gowns. Placed a deposit and the taiwanese jiejie say she will hold this for us for freaking 10years!! LOL.

Actually when I was standing outside staring at the gowns the shop has already closed. I think I wasn’t stealth enough because the taiwanese woman caught me and immediately approached us and sat us down. She even switched on the lightings for us!  We talked for about an hour plus and decided to sign it because we know that eventually we will sign a package with them so we just go ahead and place the deposit. If you asked me if I regret it anot, my answer is NO. Just that it will be abit headache to do all those planning again.. well this time round it will just be a small party with the family and close friends.

We haven’t think of where and when to do all these things yet but will definitely update you guys once we are ready! Hope you guys are excited as we are. ^^

 photo 12654103_172040219831945_5118724998249661890_n_zpsyilje0kr.jpg


Anything you want to know about gown foresty – drop me an email at dreylim1@gmail.com. Since now I know even more! =D 

We have a taiwan photography package which we haven’t………