SDWC – Does rice make me fat?

You know, I don’t really like rice.. And not eating rice doesn’t really make me feel hungry too.
BUT there is one thing I can’t resist.

QQ rice. 

I really don’t know why I like QQ rice so much.There was this period of time when I was literally eating QQ rice everyday, 2 snack rolls a day for about a month. This was around last year when I was chubby. :p

I didn’t think so much about the calories because QQ rice is healthy and high in fibre! They have so many different types of rice grain, the purple rice, red rice, brown rice, wheat five rice, wheat germ brown rice and mixed grains.

Other than rice, they also have porridge, sandwiches and drinks. There is always something for me to try or mix and match.

But I fail to realize that it is rice, and rice is carbohydrates. So no matter how healthy it is, I am still consuming about 550-600 calories (2 snack rolls worth) for lunch. And to make it even worse, I enjoyed my rice roll with chicken floss. How sinful..

I totally sound like I am promoting QQ, but no I am not, I just like them and when I like something I blog about them.

 photo IMG_4501_zps3qwjwmm2.jpg

I won’t crave for rice unless my thing is coming. And when that hits me, I come to my favourite place, get my favourite chicken floss large snack roll and my favourite purple rice soya drink!

 photo IMG_4500_zpswazqtnqo.jpg

This drink is very tasty but always give me a bad bloated stomach.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is, Rice don’t exactly make you fat. Yes if you eat alot of rice you might get fat, but this applies to every kind of food too. (fruits included of course!)

I always believe in moderation and one thing that I learn after so many years of calories counting is that, no matter how clean your diet is, over eating on ‘clean food’ can still change the numbers on the scale.

For myself, I believe in portion control and calorie counting and I am pretty proud of it because that is how I managed to maintain my weight.

So what about you? How do you control or monitor your diet? And anybody loves QQ rice here?? 😀

Till the next,
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