Mylife – Scoliosis, spinal surgery

A little history about me, this is like what? few years ago! i looked really funny and i realized i changed almost every year, which is GOOD!

And like what the title says, yes I had scoliosis. i think mine was about 40+degree, my spine was actually a ‘S’ shape. i didnt really care so much at that point of time because i cant stand behind myself and see how i walk and stand.

But there’s a hump on the right side of the back and my body is actually slanted.
I never thought that I would need to do any surgery, until my colleagues started telling me my back looks slanted, and i decided that i should go polyclinic and take a look.

polyclinic referred me to singapore general hospital and that’s when i know i need a surgery to correct my spine. i had mixed feelings, afraid cos it’s my first ever surgery and im going to have a permanent scar after that, but also relieved because i will have a straighter spine.

i still remember before the surgery i asked my friends over for a round of steamboat, that time was so happy. haha..

i dun think i ever blog about this before.

The night before the surgery…

this is 54kg
hate all this tubes, painful

cant remember this tubes were before or after the surgery, but i swear i really hate them, they hurt!


i got to stay in the hospital for a week, cannot bathe, feel like shit. :/

i dun like the food also. HAHHAA.

the food is erm not tasty. but since im in a hospital i cannot complain.
I suffered from constipation, and the feeling is really bad!!
I still remember i went home and weigh and i got a shock! cos i gain 5kg in a week, all the water and bloatedness. mygosh!

the below photo is the day i finally can stand up and i feel really really x1000 weird because i actually see things differently. BECAUSE I GReW 3-4CM TALLER!

I can’t explain how excited I was at this moment lol especially when i did not went for leg extension surgery hahaha!

hahhaa my face so epic here

this is some history about me, if you got back problems, please go and consult a specialist and if needed, please go for surgery to correct your spine, it took me alot of courage to go for it, i did not regret even though i got the scar because it’s all worth it.

i don’t need to worry about having more problems when i get older, or maybe even having problems getting pregnant? (not so sure but i heard about this before)


I suddenly think i’m quite interesting,

first i lose 40+kgs, 2nd i grew 3-4cm, 3rd, im going to get perfect teeth soon, 4th it’s a secret.

13 thoughts on “Mylife – Scoliosis, spinal surgery

  1. Hi dear,
    can I know how much does the surgery cost also is there any risk in it?

    hey darling,
    every surgery come with its own risk, but i think cos i operate the upper part of the spine the risk are lower. and as for the cost, ermm i think it’s $13-16k but after subsidized is about $8k? i used $3k to pay the medisave and i need to pay about $5k + cash, now im paying in installment!

  2. WOW! I’m beyond impressed. The first part about losing 40+kg is already a MAJOR WOW and now this… >.< Super impressed.

    hahahaha thank you sabrina! 😀

  3. Hi, glad that your surgery is succesfull. How long did it take you to recover? What is your orthopaedic surgeon name?

    I rest about 2-3weeks. close to one month i think. His name is Dr guo chang ming haha.

  4. Hi, I’m so pleased to come across this post of yours! Can you do normal activities like you used to? And do you need to have regular check up after the surgery?

    yup can haha but sit up abit restricted. 🙂 hmmm once a year for check up.

  5. So glad to read a post like yours – having a scoliosis problem and wondering how much the surgery would approx be and how the process wld b like. Thanks for giving some perspective here, its really helpful and a bit of a relief. May i know if u can return to sporting activities? And how soon can u do so? How long does it take for you to resume all daily function and your normal lifestyle? U mentioned u have to go back for yearly checkups, do u know how many years this will have to be? Also, do u have to be on pain medication after the surgery for a few weeks or even longer? Will be great if you can share with me the answers to these questions, Thank you!!

    1. Hi Jace,

      I thought I replied you but not sure why my comment wasnt reflected. The cost is about 13-16k and if you’re a singaporean den you should get subsidies.
      I would advise you to rest about 1month, actually your surgeon would advise you. I did try to jog maybe 2months later but I can still feel the impact on my back.

      Erm I think I went back 2-3times?

      I did take some medication but I already forgot what is it for!

  6. Hey, im wondering how long did it take u for the process beginning from the time u went to the polyclinic to the time when u finished the surgery?

    1. i cant really remember that was so long ago, i think about half a year? or less than that.

  7. hi, just wanted to find out how much was your correction before and after the surgery? and how young were you when you went for the surgery?

    before was 40+ after im not sure. LOL. i think i was 18? my memory sucks so it’s about that age.

  8. I have very bad scoliosis. Neck, mid back and lower back rotated at Opp directions.

    I really want to do surgery. This is making me “fatter” because my spine keeps getting compressed. This affects my exercise and the more I exercise, the more my spine gets compressed.

    You are the only one whom I read about who has done scoliosis surgery in Singapore.

    How is your back now? How long MC were u on?

    1. Well.. I can finally do sit up without much restriction, for the previous few years I have difficulty doing sit ups. I used to do about 40+/per minute but now I can only do 20+?
      Maybe cos I didn’t do much stretching but Im not too sure tooo..

      I would advise you to take about 1mth MC, and you really need someone to take care of you. Help you to bathe that sort of thing for the first week.

      And pls get more button shirt cos it will be quite difficult to stretch your hand to wear your tshit.

      Seems like your condition is very bad, you should get a referral letter sooon!

  9. Hi,

    After reading your blog, i’ve gained more confidence on this operations.

    My girl is 15 yrs old now, S shape with degree of 51 (top) & 46 (below) and scheduled for ops in Apr 14 at KK Hospital. We were first referred to SGH with the same doctor as yours but he insisted to have ops when my girl degree was only ard 30 plus at the age of 11-12 yrs. At the degree of 30 plus ops is not needed unless is more than 50 degree. Thereafter, i transferred to KK and was told ops only if it reached 50 degree and above.

    I’ve few questions to ask :
    1) how long it takes to resume back to your normal activities – about 1month plus but will still have some restriction..
    2) how flexible the spine remains after ops – depends on individual, for mine it takes quite awhile, especially sit up very difficult.
    3) how many days in ICU and on which day you are asked to get out from bed – 7th day I think, only recovery ward, never in the ICU.
    4) do you donate blood prior to your ops – err yes, I remembered only 1bag.
    5) was the stitches dissolve type – Nope mine wasnt, maybe now it’s different.
    6) any physio need after ops – yes of course, doctor will arrange for you.
    7) do you still feel the pain even though painkiller (morphine) was given – erm maybe slight aching after morphine..

    Many thanks in advance. Take care and wish you good luck 🙂

    All the best to your girl too! Hope my answers help! 🙂

  10. Hi, may i know how many screw that were implanted into your spine?

    Sorry babe! I can’t remember!

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