[S-series] My New Way to Get My Butt to Work: MTB series Pt. 1

Hi Guys,

I bought a new bicycle.

Okay that’s not accurate, I bought a new used bike. A neglected bike the previous owner decided to let go because he’s just not into it anymore. Not that I’m into mountain biking myself, although I am still young enough to manage this hobby.


I went all the way from the North to the South of Singapore just to pick it up. Its a Giant team XTC from 2012. I know I know its 6 years old.. When I got to it, I think even the original parts got changed out due to its age. But hell, it still look like a sturdy bike. And the seller was nice enough to drive me back home. Damn cool!

Used Bike..

The bike parts which I assumed to have been changed, still looked pretty old. There were plenty of bolts and smaller parts that were rusty. I guess its been abandon for a while according to what the seller said, neglect can really do a number on something.

The seller encouraged me to test ride it, I wanted to, too. But I have so little confidence with my own bike riding skills that I politely declined.. I think I’ll probably wreck it in front of the seller, I much rather test ride the bike in the private of my own void deck. At least if I fall, I know where to hide my face.

So after the seller dropped me off, I’m so tired from the conversation with him I just wanna sleep, thus I took a nap. Conversing with people you just met is sapping all my energy, need a recharge in my safe haven. Classic introvert.

Night time Training Sessions

That night, Claire wanted to brisk walk in our nearby park, so I took this chance to test my new-old bike. And it was great! Giant didn’t disappoint. I think it must’ve been because of the few incidents with my bro’s old fixie (crank flew off while I was pedaling hard/ chain dropped when I was going uphill… Claire forbids me from riding it ever again..), comparing this mountain bike (MTB) with that old fixie, the difference is just too big. The MTB is so much more reliable and it can handle a few small jumps or bumps on the road. Although the front suspension is in need of a replacement I think… And after nights of practicing in our local park, I feel I’m proficient enough to ride to and fro work.

You might say what’s there to worry about, its only about 1.5 – 2km between me and my place of employment. But anything can happen, so even if its such a short distance, its better to equip myself with better skills on riding a bicycle.

To further reinforce my point, on the 2nd day of riding to work. I crashed into Primary School fence while trying to overtake a wheelchair bound grandma, gave her an unnecessary scare early in the morning. Even though I recovered immediately, it doesn’t make the situation any better. My skills were atrocious.


A Few Weeks Later…

I gained more confidence even with a couple more near misses and my lost of self-confidence (and self-esteem) when I have to navigate through a crowded footpath, I kinda started riding faster. I mean, that’s why its so fun on a bike right, the need for speed.

But Claire was genuinely worried about me all the time. So in order to calm her down a little, I decided to order a helmet. And that helmet selection and the aftermath will be left for the next post in this biking obsession series..

Good day lads.

Simon Tey


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