How my spine looked like… after my Spinal fusion surgery and also my Chiropractic review!

If you know me long enough, you should know I’ve had spinal fusion surgery done. It was a scary surgery but trust me, it is not as scary as liposuction.

And as requested, I am finally showing you my spine today.

So.. here you go!
 photo Spine xray 1_zpsxnyqsrzh.jpg

This is the implant inside my body. My spine was originally a ‘S’ shape spine.
It is not entirely straight now as you can see from the Xray..

 photo Spine xray 2_zpsvrwqepka.jpg

 photo Spine xray 3_zpsv5uhqyht.jpg

 photo Spine xray 4_zpso2seetmn.jpg

You know when I looked at this I actually find it very scary. I don’t know what will happen next time but for now I’m not gonna think so much and so far yet.

So to answer your question. Yes I am not that flexible anymore. I used to be so flexible last time. I can’t even do proper sit ups now. I used to be able to do 50situps in 1minute when I was still fat. But now I couldn’t even reach 30 in 1minute.

Anyway I also want to share with you my experience with Pinnacle Chiropractic at Simon Plaza. I went there last year because they came to my company and there was a promo whereby I just need to pay $40 for the consultation. JX and I went for our appointment, wanting to know more about our spines but ended up paying $150-199 to get our xray done at Radlink Toa Payoh. haha.

After the Xray, we went back to Pinnacle for our follow up and treatment, where we pay another $65-75 bucks. Spend alot of money but I must say the treatment is quite amazing! The doctor had to be super careful with me because of my spine but after the adjustment, I felt energized and my posture instantly becomes better!

If you want to know my package price (customized) just drop me an email!!

I’m not promoting them okay but I really feel good after the treatment. The reason why I didn’t continue is because I think I’m not ready to commit and I have no time to commit to the treatments/adjustments too. You have to commit to the care plan that the chiropractor planned for you which I think is too difficult for me. Too many things for me to work on now. Maybe I will in the near future but I’m also quite worried about the implant in my body. zzz

The chiropractor also told me that I am actually putting additional stress on the other parts of the spine. 🙁 This is probably why my neck and head is always aching. sigh..

So anyway you know the drill, just drop me an email if you want to know more. See you in my next post! 🙂

Till the next time people! 😀
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