Nailz Haus IMM Singapore review – Cute gelish nails pinterest inspired!

2 weeks ago I went to Nailz Haus at IMM to have my gelish done.

I am not really a nails person especially when I had a somewhat unpleasant experience at a nail salon last year so I did not have any expectations for Nailz Haus at all. Thought I’m just going to sit there, fall asleep while someone do my nails and let my bum ache and rot on the seat. But it was not like that – I had a very pleasant experience and definitely very happy with the outcome of my nails. ^^

My nails are inspired by Pinterest by the way. I show Lena (my manicurist!) the original photo and she thinks that brighter colors suit me better, so she asked if she could design for me instead and here’s what she came up with!

 photo IMG_3723_zpsoavjf4kq.jpg

Lena must have a hard time drawing the arrows on my nails as they are really small. But she is really patient and so cheery, totally made my day!

Enough of my crazy talking. Shall share with you my experience now. Let’s go!

 photo IMG_4195_zpsodlvrg4a.jpg

They were awarded Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award in 2014.

 photo IMG_3684_zpsq3undn5s.jpg

View from the entrance.

 photo IMG_3690_zps3pd8y0xg.jpg

The sweet and pleasing interior.

 photo IMG_3692_zpsaux3cfqq.jpg

Various nail art samples.

 photo IMG_3689_zpsw9pvlnyf.jpg

Those blings.

 photo IMG_3685_zpsoww2ylof.jpg

Nail polishes. I thought of having such shelves at home but nah, I finally realized how tired it is to clean surfaces. LOL.

 photo IMG_3682_zpsvzpouch2.jpg

where I was seated at.

 photo IMG_3695_zpsyuyhwrl4.jpg

The happy go lucky and bubbly lena, my manicurist! :):)

 photo IMG_3671_zps8cimhcpv.jpg

She is cutting my cuticles here. Not painful at all and I didn’t bleed. The last time I did it was so painful and they bleed. :/ She is so gentle by the way! Kept asking if it hurts. 😀

 photo IMG_3674_zpsvuudupxh.jpg

Choosing colors for the nails.

 photo IMG_3677_zpsmggrzgdo.jpg

Lena asked if I want round or square shaped nails and she filed them accordingly. I asked for Square if you’re wondering.

 photo IMG_3678_zpsxwtuh2lh.jpg

Base coat first.

 photo IMG_3679_zpswlnrylqr.jpg

It’s very hard for me to take photos once the colors are up and hence I can only show you how it looks like after the whole session. Anyway I also asked lena if I could buy a machine and put at home but when I think about it now, I won’t be using it too!

 photo IMG_3704_zpsn2xr9cwe.jpg

Here’s the final nails! Lucky I have this bouquet of flowers to take a picture with!

So cute and sweet! Love the color combination too! 🙂 Lena is very professional and I liked that she really focus on perfecting the arrows on my nails, not every manicurist is so meticulous like her.

 photo IMG_3723_zpsoavjf4kq.jpg

Overall I am very happy with the experience and the service. The place is spacious and relaxing. The chair is very comfortable too. My ass didn’t ache at all despite sitting there for about 1.5hours. The staffs were all very friendly as well.

I had to go all the way to IMM to do my nails then but now they already open another outlet at AMK hub!

AMK Hub outlet , #B1-24
Tel: 6481 5768

If I am not wrong, they will be opening another outlet soon!

Hope the new one is at a accessible place too! But most importantly I hope Lena will always be the one doing my nails for me. ^^

Once again thank you Nailz Haus and Lena for the pretty nails!

If you’re interested there is a promotion for my readers: 
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Nailz Haus
Address: 2 Jurong east Street 21, IMM building #02-29
Contact: 6566 5676

The arrows remind me of my wedding bands too which I haven’t share with you guys. I will be blogging about my graduation for sure. 

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