How I use my Ginvera Olive oil! (benefits)

Today I’m sharing my favourite product of all time!!

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I realized alot of people have been googling about Ginvera Olive oil, and I decided to write a full post on this!

The first time I got introduced to olive oil is when I was still in primary school, my grandmother loves doing different kind of hairstyles on my KNEELENGTH HAIR. yes kneelength!!! She was really crazy about growing out my hair and she got really pissed with me when I went to cut it just before I got enrolled into Secondary school.

I regret it actually. 🙁 I used to have really black, smooth, thick and silky hair. I cut it because I feel that they are long and disgusting. I remember going to the salon with my mom and I told the lady that I wanted my hair to be ear length (cos I feel it’s cool) -_-. haiz..

Anyway back to the main point. My grandmother loves using olive oil hair on me to keep my hair in place and I used to hate it ALOT. Cos the smell is awful and Im always looking ‘oily’. Okay she spam the oil on my hair okay so that’s.why..

And that’s it, I grew up hating olive oil.

But NOW Im loving this and if I ever run out of this item, I go mad, like literally mad.

I’ll share with you HOW I USE MY OLIVE OIL.

1. As my makeup remover.
I can’t remember where I read about using this to remove makeup, but ever since I tried this, I have never use any other makeup remover to remove my makeup! It’s good, natural and it removes makeup easily and at the same time moisturize my face!!

2. Hair ‘treatment’
Instead of hair mask, when I am conditioning my hair, I just rub in Olive oil and after that I just rinse off together! This is a good way to soften your hair. 😀

3. Teeth Whitening.
Please dun say Im gross, because I just started this on Saturday, I read from the net that Olive oil helps in teeth whitening and I tried this on my teeth. :O
I used a cotton pad and wipe my teeth! I think it helps a little after drinking coffee. But my teeth is really yellow so I think the only way is to go for teeth whitening. Using this method is just to prevent extra staining. Also, I think the real extra virgin olive oil will do the trick but it’s really gross.

So yah this is how I used my Ginvera Olive oil everyday!

Do you have one? And how do you use it?? Let me know! 🙂

With love,
Claire 😀