[S-series] Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen – Jibaboom Volcano Ramen!


Seems like I always start my posts with a ‘Hi’, well whatever works.

This is another food post, and its about YET another ramen restaurant. What? I just can’t get enough of ramens! Who can blame me!

This time round we were visiting Claire’s grandma, my granny-in-law. I did stayed at her place for 3-4 months before and ‘ahma’ was very nice to me, I’ll always remember how she always pan-fry expensive fish for me even though I always tell her there’s no need for that. It got so bad I had to ask Claire to lie about my favourite fish (the cheapest fish in the market) so she will buy that instead of those expensive threadfins.

But this was a random visit so ahma won’t be preparing anything for us, so we went hunting for our lunch.

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

Kazan means ‘fire’ and ‘mountain’ in Japanese, to us Chinese it made perfect sense since volcano is called ‘fire mountain’ in Chinese anyways. So yeah, this restaurant’s signature dish, the volcano ramen… in superheated hot stone bowls. Its located in the basement 1 Japan Village section of the new Northpoint City area, awesome little enclave with some insta-worthy decorations.

The ramen doesn’t go ‘JIBABOOM‘ though, unfortunately.

Claire got curious, and I sort of remember she mentioned Kazan ramen before, some time ago I think.. Who cares! Let’s just go!

From the banner, it looks like they specialised in ramen presented in heated stone bowl. Oh my bad, I think I already mentioned it. But the non-conformist in me tells me I shall not have what they are trying to influence me to order. I think.

The condiments and free hard boiled eggs plus my arm showing I’m airing my pits.

Then Claire notices the instructions on how to enjoy a Kazan Ramen. Seems to say the bowl will come without the broth, so you have to pour the broth in and cover it with that inverted funnel thing and wait for 1 minute. After which, you can scoop the noodle or add rice to the bowl and enjoy. No touching the stone bowl because its shy.

Cut the Crap, Here Comes the Food


Here’s my bowl, it’s supposed to be the Chashu Shio Ramen. I thought the chashu is supposed to be circular! I feel cheated! Just joking. It’s still chashu and it still melts in my mouth. So it’s still awesome! The ajitama (seasoned egg) is nice too with the yolk still runny. I remember Ajisen’s ajitama was always totally cooked.. But did it only come in one half? Or did I swallow the other half already? I’m sorry folks I can’t remember..

I always order tonkotsu or shio ramen, and I always order the chashu variant if it’s available. And it never ever disappoints. So it’s either ‘Wah this is nice’ or ‘I like it!’ or ‘I LOVE IT!!!’

This bowl belongs to the ‘I like it’ category.

Next is Claire’s Kazan Karamiso Ramen! The broth comes in a Hario coffee server LOL. That steaming funnel thing does resembles a volcano, hence the name of the dish..

And so I was going to help her pour the broth into the hot bowl but the staff quickly stopped me from potentially hurting myself. Because I’ll probably just mindlessly dump the full volume into the bowl and the broth will probably boil and splash, scalding me.

So please don’t do it yourself, wait for assistance.

There, poured in slowly and steadily by a pro in blue gloves like what I wear in my hospital lab… Anyhow, I’m already starting on my ramen, can’t be bothered to wait any longer. A hungry man is an angry man.

Next please imagine the funnel thing was back over the bowl and it starts spewing steam from its top and Claire turned the 1 min hourglass and after time’s up, its lift off and…


A simmering hot bowl of ramen with a tinge of  charred taste of the ingredient as they was burning where they were in contact with the bowl, before the broth got poured in. It’s an interesting taste that we haven’t taste before in a bowl of ramen. Most times they just taste creamy salty and porky (is there a description for the ‘taste of pork’??), and I love it!

Oh in case you’re wonder why I know how Claire’s bowl taste like? It’s because I always finishes her leftovers, and she leaves a lot for me.. I’m gaining weight thanks to that..

I think I’m slowly warming up to karamiso ramen nowadays, the spiciness and the saltiness of miso is a great combination with the tonkotsu soup base. I realised I’m starting to add chilli oil to my shio ramens so I might as well take karamiso right? Karamiso somehow gives a much better umami taste than shio ramen.

I’ll rate this bowl ‘I like it!’ for that unique taste, but it gets a little overwhelming after awhile, either that or I had too much ramen for one sitting..

After Thoughts

Overall, I think this place is decent, it was slightly expensive when compared to other ramen joints, but its the novelty value and the extra preparations that justified the higher cost.

I would come back again, if I’m in the area and have a craving for ramen. If I’m too broke or want something light on taste, I might just look for a food court instead, probably.

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

#B1-188/189 Northpoint City South Wing, 930 Yishun Avenue 2,769098

Simon Tey

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