SDWC: Low calorie instant coffee & my fav instant from Starbucks!

Okay. I know if you’re trying to lose weight you should just take black coffee or black tea. But if you’re a coffee addict like me then.. erm Actually I’m not really a coffee addict. There are times when I hate the taste of coffee and switch to tea, this usually happens during my PMS period.. i know right.. even my taste bud plays tricks.

Today’s zhong dian is if you want to drink coffee, then these are the 3 that you can try. I like both the taste as well as the calories.

 photo IMG_0283_zpsziv2bql2.jpg

The first 2 here are the Fairprice Instant Coffee Mix 3 in 1 reduced sugar and Capparoma low fat 3 in 1 instant coffeemix – 50% less sugar

 photo IMG_0284_zpsuw8f25h9.jpg

and the 3rd one is the Cafe Nova low fat instant coffee, made with freeze fried arabica coffee beans.

I used to drink the Fair price everyday but recently I thought it’s abit sweet but nevertheless I think it is still a good alternative to high calorie coffee drinks since it contains only 66 calories for a cup. ^^

My favourite is Capparoma, the blue packaging one. They have 3 types, the black, the red and the blue. I remember I tried the red (25 % less sugar) and dislike it. Thought I might as well just stick to plain water. As for the black one leh I have never try before so next time I try I shall update here. 😀

Overall the blue is my favourite because it’s just nice and at 76 calories!

My latest instant coffee is the cafe nova one because it’s only 50 calories! But you have to add sugar yourself. I think this is good because I can control how much I want to add in and it’s also easier for me to calculate my calorie intake. 😛 But the bad thing is I always cough after drinking this.. dunno why.. So got both good and bad la..

For owl and nescafe they have lower calories one like about 70+ per cup but I don’t really like it as they are too sweet…

So anyway I also wanna introduce something new in this post because this instant mocha from Starbucks is super addictive! and heaty!

 photo IMG_0443_zpsipfrtmth.jpg

The Starbucks VIA ready brew Cafe Mocha with cocoa – Specialty Coffee beverage.

 photo IMG_0445_zpsxie8uidv.jpg

It’s thick, chocolatey and heavenly! Taste even better than the starbucks mocha drink! LOL!!! Well of course you have to put in the right amount of water otherwise it will be very diluted.

 photo IMG_0444_zpseamewayv.jpg

I really love this one. It’s my cheat drink! :p This is also good when you have your period cramps. I don’t know why I love instant thing so much. hehehe. But I don’t eat instant noodles though…

Hope this post helps you if you want to drink coffee but want to diet too. =p
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