Explore P7 – Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum & Hakata Ramen! 1/2


Today we bought tickets to visit Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

Apparently the Lee Foundation, founded by Lee Kong Chian, a philanthropist and business man, made a huge donation to fund this museum and therefore it was named in honour of him. Well thanks to him I get to enjoy ogling at the some mysterious lifeforms from this world! Took lots of pics so I’ll swap my boring words with pics..

 photo DSC04159_zpsuzglfhz1.jpg

The facade looks like a slanted mess of planks stuck to the wall.

 photo DSC01278_zpssi5ne8hq.jpg

The lobby features a picture, a very nice spiral of dead animals, so ominous.

 photo DSC01279_zpss97f7zmy.jpg

Because there are fixed timings for entry to the exhibits, we have to wait at the lobby, we were really hungry because we haven’t had our lunch yet. Sadly, there’s only this small little giftshop that has a very limited and overpriced selection of snacks and drinks.

 photo IMG_9737_zpsg4bvcfmj.jpg

Claire’s first encounter with Ah Meng is its preserved corpse.. Exhibited in a glass case for the education of the future generations.

 photo DSC01283_zpsfn7c5gqm.jpg

 photo DSC01285_zpsc6uqczab.jpg

This is… not real.. unfortunately.. I’ll love to catch a whiff of that rotting smell from the real thing. 🙂

 photo DSC01287_zpsjajut5re.jpg

Many specimens of shellfishes

 photo IMG_9738_zpsobpba2zm.jpg

Maybe she can use that big ear-like shell as a hat?

 photo DSC04129_zpsd4eqqug9.jpg

Heart shaped shells for proposing.. maybe not.

 photo DSC04116_zpsts6k79sn.jpg

Tiny Shells! I forgot they’re snails or what..


 photo DSC04118_zps4jzmrjcz.jpg

 photo DSC04099_zpszcearhvx.jpg

That cliché reflection wefie..

 photo DSC04093_zpsdq4nvmwk.jpg

Dinosaur skeleton.. must be a replica.

 photo DSC01286_zpsnn7iylnu.jpg

 photo DSC04084_zpsjtuhpmuv.jpg

 photo DSC04083_zpsmqgi6k2b.jpg

 photo DSC04070_zpsftd3qjaj.jpg

Series of Plant cells under microscope.

 photo DSC04075_zpsjt5a81au.jpg

Some old specimens of plants found in Singapore.

 photo DSC04087_zpslfcotcvy.jpg

That cross section of… shit I forgot which famous tree this is.. Changi Tree?

 photo DSC04103_zpsciqjftr8.jpg

Suspended in time (or formalin preservation).

 photo DSC04110_zps4d5jrkjt.jpg

Spot that pin on the poor butterfly, hope death came swiftly for it.

 photo DSC04106_zps94f64zca.jpg

Many more gruesome specimens (user’s discretion, skip them if you hate them!), cruel.. maybe, but its all done in the name of science.

 photo DSC04104_zpsvbrpilfe.jpg

 photo DSC04108_zpskv87g9sx.jpg

 photo DSC04111_zpsvqdahujz.jpg

 photo DSC04147_zps4xed4l7g.jpg

Happy looking bug..

 photo DSC04131_zpsqxah0dsb.jpg

All these cockroaches.. I’m weak against them…

 photo DSC04148_zpsc7paj4fn.jpg

Alaskan King Crab! Seafood I can’t afford! But I can afford that curious looking human beside it.

 photo DSC01291_zpspawjwfqn.jpg

Claire kept questioning me about this parent and child combo like how they died, why did they die, who killed them, why so cruel, did she die protecting her child, why must her child die too. All of those questions I have no answers for… Probably died in an accident or they’re just plastic figurines. I have no idea..

 photo DSC04168-2_zps2dg5mg9i.jpg

And the mandatory OOTD pic for Claire.

 photo IMG_9739_zpsefsa6g1b.jpg

Plus the mandatory candid shot before she’s ready.

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is so interesting!! Its too bad we went in at 4pm and they close at 7pm… We haven’t even explore the 2nd floor. Its full of different specimens of plants and animals in the region. And of course we can’t hope to house every single species available in our region in such a small space. But knowing that, its amazing how many different lives are simultaneously living around us! Life is such a wonder. Oh well, our visit came to an end when we got ushered out of the museum. Feeling really really hungry at this point, we hop on a bus and make our way to town for dinner.

When I feel hungry, I think Ramen. So we went to Hakata Ikkousha at Chijmes, again. And this will be in the next post.

 photo DSC01310_zpsxquvxdbl.jpg

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is located at the Kent Ridge Campus of the National University of Singapore.
2 Conservatory Dr, 117377