My Liposuction journey. Experience and afterthoughts..

So I’m blogging about my Liposuction journey and it’s going to be a lengthy post.

It had been more than a year since I went for liposuction and I am still recovering now.

Why did I go for it?
My upper body tend to slim down faster than my lower body, and even if I put on weight, my lower body tend to put on faster and more than the upper body. I listened to my friend’s advice to start brisk walking, even though it helps, there are still stubborn fats on my legs that just won’t go away. FYI, brisk walking really helps alot, I think one of the reasons my legs just couldn’t slim down as fast as my upper body is because most of the weight I lost is from dieting and hulahooping so my legs just couldn’t catch up with the upper?

I dun wanna think too much about why my legs just COULDN’T look like sticks because I have been thinking for almost my entire life.

I didn’t go for it because it is fat. I go for it because I have trouble finding shorts and pants, I go for it because my flabby inner thighs are always rubbing against each other, I go for it because no matter what I do I just couldn’t make them look more proportionate, even though briskwalking helps, my upper body is still too slim compared to my legs. And yes, if my legs looked proportionate to my upper body, meaning my top is bigger than how I looked like now, I will not go for liposuction.

What I’m trying to say is when I lose weight, my whole body get slimmer, but my top still looked smaller than the bottom.

That is also one of the reason why I dun encourage people to go on crash diets because you are going to get screwed up big time. 

BTW, I never believed in slimming center because I have been to a few, and they are all gimmicks. I once signed up for a package for 10sessions and I just skipped the remaining 5 or 6, cos I just couldn’t stand their agressive hardselling shit. Even now 4-5 years later, they are still calling me! Best!

I did a lot of research about liposuction before I finally fly over.

If I’m fatter than now but my legs are proportionate to my body, I WOULD NEVER go for liposuction. All I want is to look proportionate. I’m not asking for perfection, I just want to look ‘balanced’. But truth is I don’t look balanced and so if exercise and healthy diet really can’t change it, den I have to do something right.

It was the toughest decision I ever made in my life.

I wanted to blog about this after I recovered because it can be a good sharing session. But it seems like now is the right time to talk about this because it had been more than a year, and I am still recovering.

This is my first plastic surgery, but not the first surgery I did. If I compare this to my spinal implant, this is x10 worse.

I didn’t do laser lipo, I opt for traditional cos there were good reviews on the forum, I’m not going to say that I regretted this because I have never experienced Vaser before, but I just want to say liposuction was like a nightmare to me, be..cause.. it’s FKING painful!
I remember I wanted to go home just before the surgery, because I was so scared, I was literally shaking, and my heart was thumping like mad. I mean this is really normal because you are in a foreign country and are going to do a major surgery!

I was on local anesthetic, I remember the surgeon asking me to stand up and asking if I wanted more fats to be suck out. From what I see in the mirror, it does look abit imbalanced, so I said yes, but I never knew he was going to do that while I was standing. And it was F**King PAINFUL! It’s like someone used a knife and stab you in the thigh, wtf. Maybe he thought I’m numb from the anesthetic but I was not. -_- I don’t know if he knows I was in pain but I did jerk when he poked my thigh, and next I don’t remember what happen, but I still remember he was nice to visit me to see if I’m okay in the night.

1 day after liposuction and my thighs look like rotten meat (i guess this is normal after such a huge scale op), but the drainage massage done by the masseurs there are HORRIBLE! Are you suppose to exert such force on just lipoed legs??? My legs are filled with bruises, and they massage my legs with SUCH A FORCE THAT I TEARED. I was literally grabbing my bf hands and $^&^%^%#&^%$&^% I wanted to shout so badly. That explains why my pain tolerance is so high now I guess.

I can’t imagine I endured that massage for 2 or 3days.

Post liposuction recovery period is tedious. You have to apply creams/lotions on the bruises and wear compression garments 24/7. It aches when you walked too much and you have to rest alot. Other than that, you have to massage your legs everyday to reduce the swelling. I stayed at Simon’s house for a week before going back home, he helped me to massage my thighs, he helped to apply the medication, creams/lotions on my thighs and he also helped me with the compression when I really cannot wear it cos it’s too painful as it’s pushing against my bruised thighs. Simon really take good care of me during this period.

I can’t walk around too much because my legs get sore and swell up easily, and for someone like me that walked alot everyday, it’s a restrain for me.

The swelling goes on for about 3-6months, I stopped massaging my thighs after 2months because I’m really tired. I get swelling every now and then, and my legs get so stiff and heavy, I don’t even feel like walking. I got really depressed because they looked huge and ugly. it’s only recently like maybe 1-2months ago, I decided to seek help. I remembered I once read somewhere about POST LIPO CARE so I googled that, and read that there is this Jennifer who does Post Lipo massage.

I decided to spend the money (even though I was skeptical about it). I went for the first massage and my next visit would be my 9th. My thighs got better and lighter after going to her. Previously I am always swelling and suffering from the heaviness. Her massage is painless and super comfortable (I dunno why the hell my massage in that country was that horrible.)

Back to liposuction, I realized that there are green veins appearing on my legs after lipo, I hope it’s because I have been walking alot and not because of the procedure but one thing I can’t comprehend is that for the first few months after liposuction, I AM ALWAYS EATING!

I am always hungry and I am always looking for food. and if I try to eat lesser, I end up bingeing?! If I keep eating, of course I will gain weight right, I noticed that now my arms and waist start to grow -_- it used to be my thighs… But I also noticed that the back of my thighs will look fatter if I eat more.

And for my inner thigh, I was told to lipo-ed abit because it’s flabby and go back next time if I feel it’s not enough. He was afraid that the inner parts will looked more loose, I shouldn’t have agreed to it. Should have just done it once and for all right why suffer again. wth..

I will continue to go for my Post Lipo Care, there are still a few more sessions to go. Other than swelling, my thighs always feel sore and tight, so it’s really affecting my life. Even though the final result isn’t what I had expected, it does look smaller and I should feel contented. That said, I decided that I didn’t regret going for this even though I went through alot of pain. But I really want to emphasize that POST LIPO CARE is very important if you want to go for liposuction! This is the kind of money that you don’t want to save.

After this, I also feel that if I ever want to do lipo again, I will do it in Singapore because the feeling of flying to a foreign country is just too scary. You need to feel safe and secured to do this.

So I hope you learn something from me if you are thinking of going for liposuction. If you have any issues:

1) Post lipo swelling, scar tissues
2) Eating non stop after lipo
3) Bad experience

Please leave a comment to share with me, I would love to listen and know. I know you might not be able to leave a comment so just shoot me an email if you really encounter problems –! 🙂

I welcome all questions too.

With love,