SIS-lite 100% Natural Extra Fine Sugar, a healthier alternative!

This week I’m sharing quite a few healthy stuffs, first the smart shake, now the sugar and next will be some healthy snacks! I will be updating about my house soon too. maybe a vlog? Yes I missed making videos, I can’t wait to video myself talking again!! hohoho.

So if you follow me on instagram – @claireaudreylim – follow me if you haven’t! you will know that recently I’ve switched my normal sugar to sis lite.

Why I decided on the switch? Simple. I just want to cut down on my calorie intake. 😛 What enticed me is that one teaspoon of sis lite will give me twice the sweetness of regular sugar – and this means that I just need to add in half a teaspoon of sis lite! Half a teaspoon of sis lite is only 8 calories!

 photo IMG_2044_zps1j6zcgks.jpg

SIS-Lite 100% Natural Extra Fine Sugar Blend combines cane sugar with stevia plant leaf, has a very natural taste and are perfect for beverages, baking and cooking! I think this is suitable for people who consumed alot of sweet stuffs and drinks and are thinking of cutting down on their sugar intake!

 photo IMG_2045_zpstnoli7k5.jpg

I even brought them to Starbucks for my coffee.

 photo IMG_2041_zpshpjcbzdo.jpg
Want to save calories? Want to be healthier? Join me and give this a try!

SIS-Lite are available at major supermarts like NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Giant etc, and are available in pouch form (750g) or a pack of 100 sachets. 😀

Remember to let me know how you feel about it!

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