Still in love with my Rosefield watch but I know it’s not for long..

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I love watches! Watches to me are like the best accessories ever. I feel that they can be matched with any outfit, dressy or casual!

I also love branded watches but I don’t think I will spend that money to get any yet. I am secretly in love with that PP brand but that amount can take me to alot of countries! So yea no PP, but definitely yes to travelling! 😀

Recently S bought me a Rosefield watch for my birthday because I have been eyeing one for quite some time. I like that it gives off a very classic and yet modern feel. I am in love with their colours too. I couldnt decide on the pink or grey and S ended up getting the grey one for me. I’m not complaining because the grey one is actually very beautiful and it matches every piece of clothing I have in my wardrobe except for those super colourful ones.

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Don’t know why my face so round here, but nvm~

Another thing I love about Rosefield? It’s created based on the founding principles of both Amsterdam and New York City. NYC? Hell yeah! I’ve never been there but it is already my favourite city. I think it’s because of Gossip girls that made me fell in love with new york.

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Numeric cuff is from

Grey is a wonderful colour. I can pair it with my gold or silver and even blue accessories and they still look good altogether! It’s so versatile and chic!

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White belt is from

For that lazy saturday afternoon, I decided to go with grey and white and surprisingly it turns out pretty light and cheery!

I am still in love with my Rosefield but I know this is not for long, because I am always eyeing for new watches. :p I have no complaints for the watches but it would be good if they can come up with more series. 😀 The series are all affordable (looked expensive) and beautiful so if you’re interested do check out their website!

I’m ending my post here today and write about some healthy snacks the next so remember to come back! 🙂

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