Starting on a clean diet with USANA’s personalized smartshake!

Attended the launch of USANA’s clean and personalized smartshake event the previous saturday, made new friends and had so much fun making protein shakes!

USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements, personal care and healthy products in its FDA-registered facility in Salt Lake City. They are committed to develop products that help people achieve better health through high quality, cellular nutrition!

Singapore branch started its operations in 2003 and provides a True Health experience complete with Customer Service, Collection Centre and Training Room facilities at its office in Ngee Ann City.

Before the event I was told to complete a health assessment so that they could give me a set of supplements that are solely customized based on my needs. 🙂 I haven’t try them though as I was travelling the past 2 weeks!

 photo IMG_2669_zpstdeyvolr.jpg

The event started off with meeting Kenny Tan (Regional Senior Nutritionist) and Lily Farquhar (Certified holistic health coach) from USANA followed by a competition where we will have to make our own smartshakes and win takashimaya vouchers!

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Here’s Kenny doing the introduction and sharing about their products! 

Criteria for our challenge is
1st: Vitamin packed
2nd: Instagramability

For our first smartshake, we have green kiwi, raspberries and blueberries.

 photo DSC01834_zpspnns94ys.jpg

Denise started off by pouring in water first.

 photo DSC01835_zps30c7u0rr.jpg

then 2 scoops of protein powder and also fibre powder!

 photo DSC01836_zpsbpxkiipg.jpg

 photo DSC01837_zpsdhgaik78.jpg

Ice cubes..

 photo DSC01838_zps2cext3hj.jpg

throw all the fruits inside and start blending!

 photo DSC01839_zpssysvwslx.jpg

This is the outcome! Looked like strawberry smoothie right??

 photo DSC01841_zpsxguvjjhr.jpg

Then I think Denise came up with an idea to make the smoothie in different colour tones, so we added in more raspberries for the remaining shake.

 photo DSC01842_zpsqxkkzsmd.jpg

The colour became darker!

 photo DSC01846_zpscux5vugz.jpg

so beautiful !

 photo DSC01849_zpsvae94gku.jpg

after this is done, we went on to decorate the ‘smoothie’ because we want to fulfill the instagramability criteria. 😀

 photo DSC01851_zpso6r1egkh.jpg

New friends I made that day! 🙂

 photo DSC01852_zpsb6jju13v.jpg

And this is the end product!!

 photo DSC01855_zpsqyoinv4x.jpg

We can open our own smoothie shops already haha ><

Next for the instagrammable one, we add in pineapples, strawberries, banana and veggies!

 photo DSC01858_zpsk5dm28qc.jpg

 photo DSC01863_zpsxp9w8qcr.jpg

start blending again!

 photo DSC01864_zpsjnc3yedy.jpg

randomly picked up this matcha powder although I have no idea how to add in to make it tasty.

 photo DSC01867_zps6ffk5nb2.jpg

The final product after decorating!

 photo DSC01871_zps9jiolofj.jpg

So we made 2 shakes that fulfill both criteria, we were all confident that we will win until we lost it to another team. LOL so sad. But I was still very happy because there’s teamwork involved and the shakes looked really damn beautiful!

 photo DSC01878_zpsmv8huoil.jpg

Sadly we didn’t add in enough water. The required amount of water should be 300ml but we added lesser than that which resulted in a thicker consistency. Nevertheless still very yummy and I think it will work super well for a meal replacement.

 photo DSC09689_zpsd05wnqc3.jpg

Group photo for the day! 😀

USANA smart shake contains coconut oil (good fats!), lower carbohydrates, high protein , soluble and insoluble fibre which can help in these areas:

  1. Rebalance your diet
  2. Manage the weight
  3. Cleanse the system
  4. Maintain the muscle

Fibergy Plus Booster can also be added in to the shake to support the body’s natural detoxification process by removing waste and toxins. There are also flavors optimizers for you to add in if you are up for some flavor boost at only 40 calories per satchet~ (heard that the cappucino flavour is good!)

The best part of the shake is that they will customize your own supplements pack after receiving your health assessment online! Don’t need to worry about being lactose intolerance they will take that into account too, which is why they have both whey and soy protein! ;’)

I think this is a really good breakfast alternative. Healthy, good fats, high fibre, keep me full, tasty and low in calories! I have nothing to complain about! Will start on my own pack really soon and monitor my weight at the same time! =D

Here is the price list for your info~ you can check out too 🙂 

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*Do note that although this is an ad/collab, all opinions are of my own. 

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