My Experience with Korean hairstylist from The Scene Hair Salon Raffles City!

Last Sunday I went to The Scene Hair Salon @ Raffles City to try out their services. I got their email months ago but only replied recently as I was too busy with basically everything.

My hair was in a super bad condition as well, super frizzy and my hair color has become very disgusting.

 photo DSC03682_zpslyvkbqlj.jpg

The Scene is an authentic Korean hair & beauty salon located at Raffles City Level 3, I will list the address at the end of this post. Do note that they are not related to The Scene Robinsons.

The hairstylists at The Scene are highly qualified Korean professionals who have been trained and have gained reputable styling experiences in Korea. I read up some reviews about them before I decided to go for the sampling.

Even though I was scared, (because my hair is very precious to me) I was excited as well because my hair have never been cut or treated by koreans!

 photo DSC03699_zpsrqyb2xcx.jpg

My plan was to have a change in hair color and also treatment for my dull and dead hair.

 photo DSC03678_zpswdnuks0z.jpg

I was thinking of a brighter color because I’ve been looking very dull lately. So we decided on this red-orangey color which you can see later.

So this is my hair before the treatment and colouring, my hair color has faded into a ugly yellowish brown and my black roots just doesnt blend well with that. Anyway I’m sorry if I look pissed here. lol!

 photo IMG_8553_zpsahfs8krp.png

My hairstylist Elin helped me to color the ends first before touching the rest of my hair.

Before that, her assistant helps me to wear the plastic shield to protect my eyes and also the plastic wrap on my ears to prevent the dye from staining my ears.

I was quite happy with the protection because I’ve had experience where the dye nearly went into my eyes! It was very scary okay.. With the protection I don’t need to worry so much about that.

 photo DSC03690_zpsmdu4qkdt.jpg

Every single time I went to a hair salon, the hair stylist always have problems with my crazily entangled hair. Especially when they are sticky and damp, it makes it harder for them to comb. And most of the time, I can feel my hair breaking because of that. I’m quite surprised with how Elin deals with my hair though.. She was super gentle but efficient. I didn’t feel any breakage and she treats my hair as if their her own. It was a very good feeling to see people treasure my hair other than myself.

 photo DSC03693_zpsajvghufz.jpg

 photo DSC03683_zpsgfm7xhfx.jpg

The whole coloring process took about 30-40minutes, and off I went for a wash.

The assistant washed my hair for a total of 3 times, first for the colors, second after the moisturizing treatment and 3rd for the protein and oil treatment.

 photo DSC03696_zps3tzjelhc.jpg

Washing your hair for 3 times?!?!?! Yes I know it sounds kinda troublesome, BUT BUT BUT that’s the most enjoyable part!!

A pity I didn’t take a photo of that process, she was really good at massaging my head. It’s so comfortable and shiok when I was lying there, letting her do the work to my hair and head. I was secretly hoping she could wash my hair longer. :p

After the wash, Elin moved on to blow drying and styling my hair.

By the way The Scene Hair Salon does event styling as well, so if you have wedding dinner, dnd and etc.. you can call them up to check with them about the price and so on!

Also there will be a 20% off if you are under 18years old. 🙂

And now this is the after photo!

 photo DSC03708_zpsvsq8iwsa.jpg

I think I looked so much better with my new hair color. More refreshing and alert. I also liked how she style my hair, If only I could style my hair like that everyday!!

 photo DSC03714_zpsssjtw8pg.jpg

My hair also looks healthier as compared to before where it’s always dry and frizzy. And other than that, it also feels softer now.

 photo DSC03750_zpseupvz9qf.jpg

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. A convenient location, good customer service and good outcome. I don’t see why I wouldn’t want to go back. Thank you The Scene for inviting me. 🙂

 photo DSC03697_zpstbsnije8.jpg

Anyway I did take a look at the price list, and I thought it was quite reasonable, so if you’re interested about having your hair done by korean hairstylist, you can just give them a call for enquiry or to make an appointment.

In March, the first 30 customers that mentioned my name will get a 10% discount too! So make use of this okay! 🙂

The Scene Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road #03-21A Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179130
+65 6333 9613

Opened on Mon-Sun, from 10am to 9pm.

**Even though this is a sponsored post, do note that all opinions are of my own. 

IG: claireaudreylim