Exciting news must share with you guys!

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I just got to know that there will be a Music Run on this coming 23rd April! Honestly I hate to run, but this one sound like a super interesting event! *sorry I very suaku but I never knew about this until I was told*

I do run occasionally but there must be music! Even if my earphones are dangling at all the wrong places, I still enjoy it. Because music motivates me and keep me going!

What interests me is that this run actually incorporates music, like music music? and along the 5km route, there’s 5 music zones playing 5 different unique playlists! You can enjoy rock, pop, old school, hip hop and dance music, whatever genre you preferred! And it seems more like a party than a run to me!

You can even have your favourite songs up on the official playlist by voting! I missed out on the preview and seriously thinking if I should get the tickets myself. If I buy now it will be $100 (50×2) argh cant decide!

Below is the difference between the 2. 

Early Bird : SGD 40 (25th Jan – 14th Feb)
Regular : SGD 50 (15th Feb – 10th April)
Late Bird : SGD 65 (11th April – 17th April)

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Rock Star :
Early Bird : SGD 65 (25th Jan – 14th Feb)
Regular : SGD 75 (15th Feb – 10th April)
Late Bird : SGD 90 (11th April – 17th April)

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or maybe I should get the rockstar pack?? omg.. I can’t decide because I haven’t run for a very long while and I don’t want to embarrass myself. furthermore I might be very busy with all the house and stuff. zzz.

By the way for the music, You can browse the Music Zone playlists on the music run webby, LISTEN and VOTE for your favourite songs and SHARE them with your friends.

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And of course the songs with the most votes make the official run playlist!

If you have the intention to join then better get the tickets before 10th April (same price range now!) and start voting!

I still have like 2-3 weeks to think about it. Should I should I not?? Update! Im going!! See you all there!! 🙂 

While I’m considering, you can refer to the below links for more information.. but I think.. if you like music and like running then maybe you should join. 😛

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This is not a sponsored post, till next. 
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