HDB BTO Key collection day! & guide? Some background story too.

Our appointment was on 25th April 2016, 8.10am. After waiting from September/October 2015, we finally got our keys. I don’t blame HDB actually even though I was VERY FRUSTRATED because it’s my own fault in the first place.

I should thank them for letting me get back my flat honestly. I cancelled our application last year May and appealed for them to reinstate the application in September. Mine is a special case, I wrote in to HDB and it was a special approval. I think it was approved based on many factors. One of them could be if the unit is still available.

The whole process was quite a pain, and I don’t think it’s good for me to write it down over here. 🙂

Anyway now we finally got our keys. It’s such an exciting moment to finally open our door and step into our flat. It’s very surreal, I remembered I always dream of having my own place and now it has become a reality!

Today’s post will talk about what we have to do on key collection day and what we did when we first unlock the door to our crib.

You can either purchase your fire insurance at level 2 before or after your key collection appointment. But since the hdb personnel would need you to produce a photocopy of your fire insurance then I suggest you go there early to get first.

Other than that you also have to open your singapore power account, activate your electricity and water and pay for the conservancy charges. All these I will touch on later in the post.

 photo IMG_9846_zpsh8k8cnpp.jpg

During the key collection appointment, we have to present our NRIC, marriage certificate, his parents’ NRIC and our bank account statement. Ours abit complicated but we are under the married child priority scheme and we also have the additional housing grant granted to us.

The good thing about applying for a BTO when one of you is still a student. :p

 photo IMG_9847_zpsiojn4c1x.jpg

Anyway You will have to sign a ton of documents. But there are two things I would like to highlight here.

1. HDB tenure loan

The HDB personnel will ask you to decide on your loan repayment period. The maximum is 30 but we asked for 20years as we want to clear the repayment asap. 🙂 Heard it has been changed to 25 now. #irlydono

You can also ask the officer to do a calculation for you so you would know how much is the mthly repayment amount based on the number of years you chose.

Simon set aside some of his CPF savings with his insurance company for investment purposes. You can consider this if you don’t want your CPF to be wipe out.

2. Your keys

We have a total of 18keys, this you must count properly. After you confirmed there’s an acknowledgement letter to sign. Im not very sure but I reckoned it would be quite troublesome if you realized that you are short of some keys.

After we are finally done with all the documents we went to level 3 to pay for our conservancy charges which was about $56. Then we went to the fire insurance counter at level 2 to get a q ticket and wait for our turn.

 photo IMG_9850_zps7b1tigjx.jpg
I read online that theres suppose to be another premium which you pay $300plus for more coverage but the woman did not inform us at all and hence we just heck it and pay for the normal price at $5.50. What are the chances of the two of us burning down the house? Honestly I did think about this.

After we are done with the insurance we went back to level 1 to look for the previous hdb personnel. She photocopied our fire insurance invoice and off we went to level 2 again to open our Singapore Power account. We tried doing that via this screen but to no avail and the guy asked us to go in instead.

 photo IMG_9848_zpsslmesce3.jpg

 photo IMG_9851 1_zpspxhy7u3d.jpg

lousy screen!!

You dont need to pay anything over here but in your upcoming bill there will be a deposit amount of $100 together with your consumption.

And thats it! The whole process took us about 1hour 15mins.

 photo IMG_9852 1_zps5euod33m.jpg

Thank you HDB for the *cute* tote bag, and seriously simon is trying to be very gay here.

After that we went to Simon place and collect all the barangs barangs that my mother in law asked us to bring to our new place. Very heavy please.

 photo IMG_9853 1_zpsagknk6im.jpg


 photo IMG_9856 1_zpslm4md79v.jpg

Items that we carried over: Banana, pineapple, apples and oranges. Tealeaves and uncooked rice. Water with pomegranate leaves.

 photo IMG_9857 1_zps0r5xla6t.jpg

All these to ward off evils and bring in luck.

We brought these to our house and the first thing we did was open the door and roll the pineapple in and shout HUAT ah!

 photo IMG_9854 1_zpsyvkpthhd.jpg

Look at the poor pineapple there. Its fermented by the wAy kinda disgusting lol!

Then we walked into the house and sprinkle the dry ingredients onto the floor. From the inner corner of the house all the way to the main door.

For more information you should look at this fengshui blog: super informative but we didnt follow all. http://www.fengshuimastersingapore.sg/key-collection/

After that we did the same with the blessed water. All the while I kept apologizing hahahha!!! Then we asked for blessings. Abit funny la actually.

After that we just explore our new house. Basically nothing but nah some photos for you to see!

 photo IMG_9855 1_zpsutpsgjgb.jpg

 photo IMG_9859 1_zps2stcrsbp.jpg

 photo IMG_9860 1_zpsqer7kt49.jpg

The ugly toilet tiles. Gonna overlay them with new tiles!

 photo IMG_9858 1_zpsaycv4lcb.jpg

Happy and proud owners! hehe.

That’s for my post today! Thanks for reading!
Next I will blog about checking defects and what our ID asked us to prepare.

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