Park Shin Hye weight loss 

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I follow Park Shin Hye on Instagram and I realized she is getting thinner and thinner. So I did a research and found out the following:

‘Park eats two meals a day and avoids eating anything after 6 p.m. When she feels hungry, she eats cucumber or cabbage. She cycles two to three times a week and works out regularly, including a modern dance workout. 

Park often drinks a broth made of red bean and pumpkin, which is thought to help with puffiness in the face.’


If she really did that, it’s very unhealthy man..

Apparently she gains weight easily too! I think she’s quite sad leh, alot of netizens slam her for her thick figure and that’s probably why she has to undergo this extreme diet.

Asking me to eat cucumber or cabbage only I will probably die. A few years ago maybe.. now definitely can’t.. Anyway I also have big bones so if I gain weight right I look very big. hais…

But really lah it’s hard to sustain with this kind of diet. One day will binge like mad one. Always good to have a mix of protein and carbo in your diet, so can maintain the weight for a longer term too.

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