[S-series] What to expect at NDP 2016! (we went for the preview!)


I dislike crowded places.. I thought I might wanna experience it once at least. I’ve got chances to go NDP a couple times in my life:

1. I was in the army GOH (guards of honour, basically the people marching in white ‘no. 1’ uniforms and gloves, also known as kawalan kehormatan in Malay language.), well that year when I was in army we got the best combat unit aiyah no big deal I guess. I still remember during the evaluation missions I was one of the first to ‘die’, never see any action die already damn it. Those were the times lah…

2. I got tickets from winning an award last year from being a NSmen. Went and got a plaque of sorts and part of the package was 4 or 6 tickets for SG50 NDP lehh!! But I gave them away.. Because I really dislike crowded places.

But then this year I just suddenly, randomly, thought perhaps I should try my luck this year and if I can, go with Claire. And I really got it, 4 tickets for NDP preview. I wanted to bring my parents there but they too dislike crowded places. LOL like parents like son. So I gave away the extra tickets and its just me and Claire.

The National Day Parade (NDP) is a day when all Singaporeans come together to act patrio.. I mean to celebrate the independence of our tiny island Republic. A reminder and education about our history and heritage to Singaporeans young and old. When all generations come together and reminiscence our past hardships and celebrate our current peace and prosperity. We should be proud to be Singaporean, but we should never forget to be humble, considerate and gracious towards other people no matter their race etc. Well enough of this patriotic talk… Show you all the always awesome funpack first:

I just sort of dump everything out on my bed, this year’s pack is like some tacky sci-fi high tech backpack, transparent and the innards are just some knick knacks from the sponsors. I particularly like the scarf, I think it will be an awesome piece to adorn my wall in my living room, so showcase my pseudo-patriotism. They packed 2 bottles of water in case you dehydrate and dies during the indoor flame-throwing display… Find out what that mean yourself on 9th August.

We were running late that day due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’, on the ticket its stated ‘please be seated by 5pm’ and we got there at 6pm, I was positive that I’m going to miss the military parade, to me thats the most interesting part, I’ve been down there during my NS years and I feel a sense of pride when I see my formation colours march pass. I’d need to fight the urge to stand at attention and salute the flag, but no no no civilian now must blend in with the crowd… Ok I’m digressing again, distracted by my own nonsense. We were being sat down all the way at the second row.

Well the first row people, I would expect to have a clear view of everything, like when you buy tickets for a concert, the front rows would cost you an arm, while the back row would cost peanuts in comparison. But soon, when (to my delight) I see the parade RSM march in to call the parade contingents to masuk baris (parade form up?), the drum beat of the military band threw me into a pool of nostalgia, and then I see the kepada panji-panji, the military colours, then the kawalan kehormatan and when they were in position, I see a sea of buttocks

Apparently the stage is raised and my 2nd row seat gives me a nice bottom up view of the soldiers and all other subsequent performers back… The (fake) VIPs are all seated opposite us and of course the performers will face the VIPs right… And also because its raised… well see the following pictures and you will know how me and wifey’s view are like…

This year’s national day is.. Honestly I don’t know. Because all I see is the TV screen, too small from where I’m seated, and the buttocks. The damn screen likes to zoom in on the performer’s faces too, when I wanna see the whole performance like the formation they were forming etc. Damn humsup videographers zooming in on women. So moral of the story people, be there on time. If not you will get the crappiest of seats. I’ll probably have to watch the reruns when my TV finally comes, then I will appreciate the other performances, even the parade, I can’t see what they were doing other than when they were scratching their butts…

Then when the fireworks come, we can barely see it because its outside the stadium, and the stadium has a roof… The indoor fireworks were scary, so close to us and the heat from them was.. wah, astonishing. I pity the performers… Anyway I feel its better for us to have the parade on the Floating Platform, where we don’t get to see the butts and dunno what the hell is happening because the platform is raised instead of the stage… 1st row also can see the whole picture.

Anyways go watch it and feel Singaporean people, its FOC to watch on TV anyways. LOL


Simon Tey