[S-series] I downloaded Pokemon GO via Google Play store!!

Hype guys,

Hype it is. The world is crazy about Pokemon Go and the local keyboard warriors were tapping away about the deprivation of the game in Singapore. Come on this country so small, so hard to give us the game meh?? You provide for Malaysia also have the possibility of spilling the coverage over to Singapore loh.. its like you slurp your laksa then aiyah spill a bit of gravy on a mynah dropping on the table. Covered. Boom just like that. Not too difficult right?

Ok I’m not an IT engineer so I won’t know what are the restrictions etc so ignore my mindless ranting. LOL.

Anyways I realised we can download the game when my colleagues downloaded the game. Now we can all start explore Singapore in search of a long lost pokemon! Yes! NOW!!

Such ADVENTURE!! (~pokemon theme song plays in my mind~)

But while it is fun, I must remind you all, please be careful while playing watch where you’re going and don’t cross the darn road with your eyes glue to the screen lest you kiss the lamp post or worse, hug a speeding vehicle. Be safe guys.

For more info: read – http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/pokemon-go-launches-in/2953980.html

Simon Tey
will update again soon! oh by the way remember to avoid the 3 pokemons when you just started, for a few times so that you will catch your first pikachu!