[S-series] Occasional indulgence: Asahi Super Dry Black!

DSC00373Hi Guys,

Something I haven’t seen in our local supermarkets before, the Asahi Super Dry Black. For the record, I seldom drink. But when I did, I always choose Asahi Super Dry. So today, I visited the supermarket and saw this bottle sitting there acting all innocent and pure, except its black as the night…

Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry (the ‘normal’ version) has to be one of the best beer in the world! At least that’s our opinion. A quick search online tells me that the pale lager style beer gets its dry and light taste from the brewing process, where sugars in the beer were almost fully fermented. It taste really smooth, it’s heavenly, especially on a hot and humid summer night (which is practically every night in Singapore). It’s absolutely refreshing!

Now I see my favourite beer has a ‘black’ version on the shelf, I just have to try it.

Try a crisp new Super Dry style lager. Bold and refreshing, Asahi Super Dry Black ventures into new territory for dark beer. Using the same yeast strain as Asahi Super Dry, Asahi Super Dry Black is unlike any other dark beer. By inheriting the DNA of “Karakuchi” (dry), Asahi successfully blended the rich aroma and flavour while maintaining the smoothness of Asahi Super Dry.

Copied straight from the brand’s website, its sounded really promising to me. The ‘normal’ version was really crisp and light, meaning the malt flavours were less obvious on the palate. But some people might want a ‘heavier’ flavour coupled with the refreshingly ‘dry’ taste.


Dark lager or stout?

Initially, I thought Asahi Black was a stout, which falls under the ale category. Because of this post, I research a little into beer. Generally, there are two types of beer. Either ale or lager.


  • Made with top fermenting yeast strains
  • Normally at a higher temperature
  • Shorter brewing time (<8 days)
  • Usually produce esters that gives a ‘fruity’ aroma


  • Bottom fermenting yeast
  • Mature at cool temperature
  • Brewing may take a month or more
  • More malty flavour

Asahi Super Dry Black is a dark lager, well from what I found, lagers were traditionally of a darker colour. The pale lagers were popularized later when technology advances and it became easier to produce, then the companies started marketing pale lagers as ‘the lager’…


Taste test

True to its marketing write up on its website, it really is richer and maltier, without losing its signature crisp ‘Dry’ taste. Lovely, absolutely lovely. But I guess I’ll still go back to the ‘normal’ version when possible…


Never try never know.

Simon Tey

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