Nissin’s instant noodles with chicken nuggets and french fries!

Before my trip to Tokyo, my colleague told me that I need to try the new chicken nugget and french fries instant noodle from Nissin. And if can, to buy a few back here to sell. *lol seriously*

I went to google and thought it was really weird. I mean fake nuggets and fries? Isn’t that weird!

Anyway I only got 2 of these because we were running of luggage space and Simon wasn’t really interested in trying this.

So about a few weeks ago, we finally tried and here is my verdict!

Such a thoughtful packaging. 

The fake nuggets and fries. I got to admit they are really cute though. 

After pouring hot water.. 

The nuggets and potatoes (by right should be fries but whatever) really tasted like the real ones. But the noodles and the soup wasn’t that great.

Simon didn’t like this at all and he still find that the Nissin Tom Yam Seafood Flavour Cup noodles is still the best so far.

As for me? I will share with you a few more cup noodles and tell you which is my favourite!! Hehehe.

And I still have one more nugget and potato, anybody wants? LOL.

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