We made MATCHA PANCAKES & had Nene Chicken for dinner!

Sometimes hor.. Simon can be abit random. One of the recent sundays, he suddenly tell me that we are going to make matcha pancakes.. At first I was like.. huh no beehoon and fish fillet for breakfast today? but after awhile I became very excited because WE ARE GOING TO MAKE MATCHA PANCAKES!! :D:D

We changed our pancake mix by the way, no more morinaga this time round we shall try Bisquick! A long time ago I used to use Bisquick + 7up to make popeyes’ inspired scones. LOL! Maybe I should do that again.

 photo IMG_9874_zpsutnadnki.jpg

 photo IMG_9878_zpsuqulluhe.jpg

So anyway Bisquick is pretty straightforward.. The instructions are already there.
We followed the instructions for the Classic Pancake, but we used half of everything as we can’t finish all if we were to make so many. So basically we only used:

1 cup Original Bisquick mix
half cup milk and
1 egg

 photo IMG_9875_zpssyfsognt.jpg

Then we add in the Matcha Powder (MATCHA HAGOROMO). I think you can use this to make matcha tea too. (Simon made it and it was not nice) Here says it’s suitable for cakes and pastries.. I’m not too sure though.

 photo IMG_9876_zpsec91zbdh.jpg

 photo IMG_9879_zpscug0ilxm.jpg

 photo IMG_9880_zpsqkl0hn68.jpg

 photo IMG_9877_zpsspskcdej.jpg

Add in your desired amount of matcha powder, we were basically on a experiment so we just add in what we thought is appropriate. LOL. After this, the egg. Apparently this egg is from japan, shipped all the way here.

 photo IMG_9881_zpsnjmwssvr.jpg

 photo IMG_9882_zps8yv0yeuc.jpg

The beautiful egg yolk.

 photo IMG_9885_zpsb73m2ddi.jpg

 photo IMG_9887_zpshjsndgxq.jpg

Lastly we add in the half cup of Meadow Fresh full cream pure milk and mixed everything up!

 photo IMG_9883_zpsptfmsli5.jpg

 photo IMG_9884_zpsgvjbvvjk.jpg

 photo IMG_9888_zpsecruj3ce.jpg

 photo IMG_0023_zpsnyrtjksq.jpg

 photo IMG_0024_zpsbs31hjlo.jpg

No matter how we beat the mixture, there are some parts which just won’t dissolved.

 photo IMG_0025_zpsrna5kfgs.jpg

Anyway we just heck it and pour about 1/4 cup of batter into the pan.

 photo IMG_0027_zpsaj7zcksj.jpg

And this is the outcome. Very flat..

 photo IMG_0028_zps6pkuz6a6.jpg

 photo IMG_0029_zpsfslhlsy3.jpg

I think it’s not a good idea to use half afterall. LOL! And probably should pour more batter.

The taste leh? Not very nice also. It’s quite bitter. I think next time I will add abit of sugar and also buy some adzuki beans for the matcha pancakes!

Then in the evening I had cravings for korean fried chicken so the hubby went out and bought Nene Chicken from Hougang mall for me. ^^ Although I like four fingers but actually this one also not bad. Some of my friends don’t really like but I think I like all korean fried chickens! HAHA.

 photo IMG_0030_zpsgxa0zuc8.jpg

It’s not spicy at all by the way!

 photo IMG_0031_zpso9tojrnl.jpg

 photo IMG_0032_zpsm7alhjse.jpg

I like soggy chicken and fries so I really love it when it’s both soggy and crispy at the right places. =D

 photo IMG_0033_zpsfmiy8nwp.jpg

The drumlet is really big but I prefer winglets, it’s addictive too. Very hard to stop at one..

 photo IMG_0034_zpsrfk3mgjo.jpg

The coleslaw with crabmeat inside, not a fan of this.

 photo IMG_0035_zpsjnng7ppg.jpg

My favourite, oh. I am hungry now!

I’m ending the post now and yes we are still going to try making matcha pancakes!! Hope we succeed next time! New home new kitchen omg im so excited! =D

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