Explore P8: Coney Island & easy tips to avoid sandflies bites!

I was reluctant to visit Coney Island because of the sandflies. I got bitten by them before at seletar and it’s not funny. It’s worse than my rashes and I remembered I feel like shit. All the bumps on the legs and it’s so itchy until you feel like chopping off your legs. But this time round I was pretty lucky.. thanks to Simon’s tips! (which you have to scroll all the way down to know, no big deal right? there are photos for you to see too! πŸ˜€)

So for today let’s go on a tour with us first. πŸ™‚ Say hi to pretty kingfisher! It’s in a very beautiful blue and yellow color. Was very worried that it will fly away because we want to take a shot of it. I’m thinking if we should invest in a zoom lens. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were to have close up shots of pretty birds?

 photo DSC03211_zpsgghx4a32.jpg

Uber to coney island because it’s the easiest way, it’s not very expensive either since we uber from Hougang. Gotta walked abit to the island so I’m drinking my milo packet in case I get hungry.

 photo DSC03215_zpsb0aco7r8.jpg

My face is more bitchy in real life. :X

 photo DSC01062_zpssegknmpg.jpg

Welcome to Coney Island Park!!!

 photo DSC01059_zpscji0mo7n.jpg

beautiful tree that reminds me of Autumn in Japan. sigh..

 photo DSC01072_zpstkrjyjko.jpg

Beautiful flowers and butterfly~

 photo DSC01065_zpsrnshjcnv.jpg

 photo DSC01073_zpsm4a9grzq.jpg

cute flowers.

 photo DSC01084_zps5ductrcz.jpg

 photo DSC01082_zpsp7guuq8f.jpg

Simon asked me what’s the idea behind this photo? and I replied separation. LOL!

 photo DSC03234_zpsej2xxekc.jpg

close up of the beautiful butterfly again~ and you’re gonna spot me soon!

 photo DSC03225_zpsyfwjpn2q.jpg

My first pic there. Awkward face and by the way I’m like 4kgs heavier back then? We visited coney back in January I guess. :X

 photo DSC03220_zpsifsd266t.jpg

butterfly that’s dying?

 photo DSC03241_zps1lvb0tsv.jpg

My back view.

 photo DSC03227_zps1ow57kki.jpg

casuarinas. my favourite tree.

 photo DSC03248_zpsvg97kktn.jpg

Smile. love candid shot.

 photo DSC03259_zps31l8o8hv.jpg

 photo DSC03251_zpsu88uicuz.jpg

me taking pics of S.

 photo DSC03264_zpsq6i0mlak.jpg

candid again.

 photo DSC03267-2_zps9ytpfqe8.jpg

when the wind blows..

 photo DSC01085_zpseejcz52v.jpg

Mr S.

 photo DSC01077_zpsh21upqjf.jpg

Mr S again.

 photo DSC01093_zpsle54afkq.jpg

And other than separation. this is isolation.

 photo DSC01092_zpsckdibwly.jpg


 photo DSC01074_zpstuj2x5ru.jpg


 photo DSC03249_zps0x36kn5v.jpg

 photo DSC03268_zpsfoxcsaqg.jpg

another isolation..

 photo DSC03269_zps6ricxhvr.jpg

 photo DSC03275_zpstf1yidtf.jpg

My dress is from theclosetlover πŸ˜› got it at a discounted price!

 photo DSC03276_zpscwkajl8t.jpg

love exploring.

 photo DSC03287_zpsqxkglz6u.jpg

 photo DSC03291_zps8oybmdzq.jpg

 photo DSC03281_zpsz9u27aa6.jpg

 photo DSC03397_zpsj4wm162v.jpg

Angry claire is angry

 photo DSC03393_zpsyxblhpoo.jpg

 photo DSC03409_zpsktm4ssvh.jpg


 photo DSC03348_zpsct0w6ryl.jpg

fungus. fungus are actually quite interesting..

 photo DSC03350_zpsdkqdvynm.jpg

me trying to act chio but end up look like kenna stab by branches.

 photo DSC03303_zps2qjovqma.jpg

nobody nobody but me.

 photo DSC03322_zpsoo73pwpi.jpg

 photo DSC03337_zpstmsedfh2.jpg

im sure you’re familiar with this. look at the bokeh!

 photo DSC03367_zps7q94zpek.jpg

never ever posted this before. I too shy! LOL

 photo DSC03363_zpsolvncbd1.jpg

another couple behind!

 photo DSC01094_zpsfjqqdnpn.jpg

 photo DSC03720_zps5n0qxhw9.jpg

so beautiful. bokeh again!

 photo DSC03377_zpsereggkim.jpg

 photo DSC03760_zps24tdv3ak.jpg

 photo DSC03414_zpsx7vcfmka.jpg

see the close up fat face me.

 photo DSC01083_zpsk0rmlqtc.jpg

And probably the best photo of the day other than my face. lol! I want to learn cycling so I can be in this kind of photo. πŸ˜›

Now these are the easy tips to avoid sandflies bites!

  1. avoid the beach area
  2. apply insect repellant
  3. Try to walk in the middle of the path, this really works!

You should visit Coney island because it is a super peaceful and calm environment. My favourite thing to do is to look at the swaying casuarinas and the eagles flying in the sky. They looked so free and happy which made me feel relaxed too. Definitely a great place to escape from the noisy and crazy city life.

And of course.. another good location to stroll with your hubby or boyfriend. πŸ™‚

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