[Travel] Young Minsu & LavAzza must drink coffee at Jiu Fen (九份)!!

In my last post, I talked about this cosy and nice minsu that we stayed in. Didn’t take any pictures unfortunately but still want to share with you about this wonderful place. ^^

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 photo Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.47.20 PM_zps8zua0sjf.png

This is the room we booked. The Xiao Hei Guai. Gives us a very industrial feel but carry some element of cuteness too! You can’t see anything from the room although there’s a small window.

But you just need to step out and there’s a really beautiful view out there. The room on the 2nd floor is nicer though, better view and includes bathtub too! Well of course it’s more expensive. 😛

For our room it’s about SGD 85-90 a night, I think it’s pretty affordable when breakfast is included. The location is not bad as well! The bathroom is super spacious :O you can even dance inside. I have no idea why its so big by the way.

The owners put in effort in preparing the breakfast too. Look at how pretty it is. For the 2nd day it’s a super big fan tuan (rice ball) SUPER big I’m not kidding. Filled with eggs and chicken or pork floss I’m not sure but I only know it’s super yummy!

 photo DSC00156_zpstb6m0zgt.jpg

Mantou is included!

The two bunnies that sit on our loveseat. I didn’t hug them by the way LOL! Usually I don’t touch things in hotel room because my skin is quite sensitive and you don’t know if there’s anything on it or who has touched it before.

 photo DSC00160_zpsmjanliho.jpg

Maybe they are called xiao zi guai and xiao fen guai. 

Next is this small coffee place that I want to share with you! The name of the cafe is called Lavazza and the coffee is so so good. Very fragrant and smooth. We had caramel macchiato and we nearly ordered a 2nd cuppa. All the while I thought it’s just a small shop in Jiufen old street but apparently it’s quite a big brand. :O

 photo DSC00324_zpsl6kp6agw.jpg

I don’t know the exact location of this one but if you’re at jiufen old street then it’s very hard for you to miss out. It’s just beside the fruit juice stall.

Perfect for coffee addict. 😀

That’s all for my post today! Abit short but sharing is caring! 😀

Ps: everybody let’s wish simon happy birthday!

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