[Simonseries] Singapore Coffee Festival is finally happening next week!

I’ve been looking forward to this event since like 3 months ago, Claire told me about it one day while she was surfing her facebook like all the time.. LOL. Plus point with that is she will always see all these event adverts while I would probably miss it.

Its the first Singapore Coffee Festival 2016, happening over the weekend from 9 to 12 June. Come to think of it I’ve never heard about a coffee festival ever here in Singapore, so boring right. Coffee is the nectar of the Gods. Did I say this before? Anyways I can’t remember where I read this term from, so drama. Well we should have such festivals more often locally.

With the festival coming real soon, and i’m burning with expectation because of all the coffee related exhibitors, taste all the coffee from different cafes at one place. How’s that!

You’ll need to buy tickets to go, General Entry is at $15 and VIP is at $38. Being the cheapo me I’ll probably buy the 1x VIP and 1x General ticket just to get the goodie bag.. LOL. There is a promotion for group tickets, buy 4 at a go and enjoy a special price!

Singapore Coffee Festival 2016

F1 Pit Building | 9-12 Jun

Buy Tickets here.


I will definitely drag Claire there even if she doesn’t want to.

Simon Tey