[S-series] Gamefreak activation Pt.1: NieR:Automata

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since we post anything here.. We’ve been too busy dealing with some changes with our lifestyles..

Off work periods used to equates Claire and I hanging out together. Having dinner together and lounging on our couch watching whichever Netflix show we’re onto at the time.  But with her new career path, she usually comes home late and I will usually cycle around the neighbourhood to pass time and dine alone when I get hungry. I also hang out a lot at work, because its so close to home and it’s always air-conditioned. LOL.

So I recalled I used to play games, I was a gamefreak and semi-otaku before meeting Claire. I get obsessed with these things. So I opened my Steam account and check out the games I bought. It wasn’t much, because I kinda stopped keeping tabs on gaming news for a while now. Only once in a while I will pick up a few things that piques my interest. Like a new number behind ‘Final Fantasy’ again, or some game won a couple of awards. I generally only play role playing games (RPG for short) or anything that has some RPG elements in it. Or strategy games that allows me to just sit back and relax, strategy games relaxes me, RPG excites me.

Its at this time when I found a few newsletters from Steam in my junk mail, I opened them and saw NieR: Automata on a 50% sale! And without much hesitation, I went and bought it.


I didn’t regret one bit. I spent hours playing it everyday using my old Logitech controller F310. Its a wired gaming controller on a budget and it serves its purpose, just not quite good enough. I really enjoyed the game and the story grips me hard in that chest area. Its a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world about 2 characters weaving their ways through a war between 2 factions: aliens and humans. But its been going on for so long that nothing really matters anymore, war losing its meaning over the passage of time. And the tragic story between the 2 characters when the truth unveils, it’s really heart wrenching, because it wrenched my heart.

Good ol’ Logitech F310

I fear my dormant gamefreak element is awakening…

Tell-tale signs:

  1. I added a NieR:Automata wallscroll into my amazon shopping cart.
  2. I’m looking to pre-order a ‘YoRha 2B’ figurine to add to my small collection.
  3. I splurged on a Sony Playstation DS4 limited edt ‘Berry’ colour controller to enhance my gaming experience.
Cool as sh*t Playstation DualShock 4

Jialat liao I tell you all.

The only silver-lining is, being a full-fledge married man with our own place means that I still have chores that I absolutely have to do before I can kick back and burn my hours off on games. So I still do household chores, replenish the stocks of our household consumables, sleep and wake up on time for work, and most importantly, give Claire some attention and support her like what I vowed to do when we got married, at least the minimum.

I guess she lets me play as well so that she can focus on her work. This job takes lots of her time, so I also have to put my mind elsewhere after all.

Well back to my awesome game now, I’ll update this space again when I get through my game, no time now.



Simon Tey


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