SDWC: Healthy and filling Soup Spoon Souper rice set

Hi people who read my SDWC posts, today I’m sharing my latest favourite healthy food with u! I recently tried the souper rice set from soup spoon and thought that it’s a very healthy meal that I can add on to my diet plan! I know it was launched super long ago but still it’s never too late to blog about it. :p

I don’t usually take rice nor noodles. Only during friday lunch then I eat rice/noodles or when I’m out eating sushi. Other than that no. I dun like to eat rice and noodles. I dun feel sian or restricted also because I’m already used to it – it has been what like maybe 10years since I eat like that?

But that’s not the main point la hahaha. I explained that because this random day I suddenly feel like eating rice. I don’t like normal rice grains too! I liked brown rice because it is very hard and chewy.

So when I was very hungry and we were at Ion orchard and have no idea what to eat we went to Soup Spoon and had this. Actually Simon ordered the souper rice set without telling me :O mm it’s more like a miscommunication.

He did tell me but I think i mistook it for other things soooo that’s why.. anyway this always happen to us so it’s quite normal.

I ordered one of my favourite soup from Soup spoon – the tangy tomato with basil. It has a very pungent aftertaste which I LOVE IT.

By the way the tomato soup is low in calories too.  photo IMG_1533_zpsegy8neiw.jpg

I have no idea the unpolished red rice is to be placed in the soup. I was quite pissed off initially because I don’t want the rice to be mixed up with my tomato soup!

But when I tried the rice together with my tomato, it’s actually very good! The grains give out a nutty flavour and it goes really well with the soup! Very surprised with the combi!

 photo IMG_1535_zpsniobrzav.jpg

Simon tried their Souper Inspirations – The Florentine Midsummer Night’s Beef Stew.

 photo IMG_1532_zpsgvkwlyyr.jpg

I think I never mentioned before how much I loved that they always come up with new soup!

 photo IMG_1536_zpskgdrsmjj.jpg

The beef stew on the other hand did not really blend nicely with the taste of the rice. Perhaps the rice goes better with soup instead of stew.

Anyhow I think if you are a rice lover, you should really give this a try because it is definitely more healthy and have more benefits as compared to white rice. :p Eating healthy always me feel better! 🙂

Very happy with their creations and everything. Soup Spoon you rock! (Y)

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