BTO reno P5: Sourcing furnitures/sinks/toilet basins and I won something!

Thanks for reading my BTO reno related post, today I’m back with another one. 😀 Feels like my blog is touching on too many stuffs right now. But if you remember I was very into home decor in the first place. :p

We went to Hock Siong & Co because it’s popular for vintage and second hand furnitures. Some of their items are really nice, unique and interesting (as appeared on their facebook) so we went there and hoped we can get some good stuffs back to our new home.

 photo DSC01387_zpswk12gxay.jpg

Hock Siong & Co is located at 153 Kampong Ampat, 368326

 photo DSC01386_zps0azlxmx4.jpg

From the outside.

 photo DSC01388_zps5cbmhckw.jpg

You can look for furnitures, decors, kitchenware, linen, mattress and beddings over here!

 photo DSC01389_zpsv7j5yy2d.jpg

time for a tour!

 photo DSC01390_zpsy2hg2qya.jpg

 photo DSC01391_zps7wsqqs6u.jpg

all the used chairs! Some of them still have stains on them. Anyway didn’t spot anything we like.

 photo DSC01392_zpssydb9inc.jpg

the super old school coca cola bottles! wanted to get one but like doesn’t match my home theme.

 photo DSC01394_zpsvhgfprv1.jpg

Antique, I suddenly can’t remembered what is this call.

 photo DSC01395_zpspdhyxnuu.jpg

books and books.

 photo DSC01396_zps09tvwwck.jpg

the cabinets can’t fit my home theme too.

 photo DSC01397_zpsycmfa7dd.jpg

is this yang qing? I think I saw guzheng there leh!

We also spot mattress there. (think it’s second hand?) then alot of paintings, tables, drawers, cabinets and all sorts of things BUT we went out empty handed.

The nice things we saw on their facebook are all taken or reserved so one thing I’ve learnt is that once they post something nice on the fb we have to chiong down immediately even if it means wearing my pyjamas and showing my bare face.

Anyway, I wasn’t very disappointed because I kind of expected that so next we went off to check out toilet basins and kitchen sinks.

 photo DSC01399_zpsmjcn6tuc.jpg

Along the way spot some cute pink leaves!

First we went to Poh Seng Hardware Enterprise Pte Ltd – 153 Jln Besar, Singapore 208871

 photo DSC01407_zpsz0pijd6i.jpg

Very limited space for me to take a picture of the shopfront hence I have to stand here to take this pic.

At Poh Seng Hardware, you can find kitchen sinks, water taps, toilet basins, accessories, bowls, hobs and stoves. Our first trip was to compare price, I think I came here 3 times.

We ended up getting a Elkay sink because the rating was alright, we are quite gentle with the sink so don’t think will have any problems. It’s cheaper than all and the size fits our kitchen space perfectly.

If you wonder if we did our research properly well yes, Simon researched about our sink for almost 2weeks.

If you want really good kitchen sinks, Blanco is the one. Blanco is the number 1 for kitchen sinks and the granite series are not too bad. I initally wanted to get the granite sinks BUT I don’t like the feel and sound of granite when comes in contact with the pans and pots, so we get stainless steel instead as it’s more industrial too.

You can get Blanco sinks from Hoe Kee Hardware, every now and then they have promotions!

 photo DSC01402_zpsrvokjkzx.jpg

 photo DSC01403_zpsh42uhdxl.jpg

There’s also a Rubinex brand.

 photo DSC01404_zpswwefmzur.jpg

Then we went to GR LINK Marketing to look at toilet basins!

 photo DSC01408_zpse1kyzgzd.jpg

 photo DSC01406_zpsjdoz7go9.jpg

I fall in love with this because it’s cute and not too pricey but after being nagged by Simon for over like dunno how many months, I decided to use back one of the HDB basins. Actually it’s true that I’m wasting money but this one only $100+ leh!

For the master bedroom toilet we got our sink and cabinet from IKEA.

When we are finally done with all these shopping, we went to Butter Studio for coffee and cupcakes! BUT this will be in another post, will be sharing my trip to Castlery too! 😀

By the way I won a miller coffee table from Castlery worth $499! Ever since I started going to my house my luck has been so good! I really hope I can be so HUAT forever. 😀

More photos of Butter Studio!

 photo DSC01411_zpsovk32pzb.jpg

 photo DSC01417_zpsn6donxy4.jpg

 photo DSC01418_zpskcavk3f1.jpg

 photo DSC01433_zpstncotekd.jpg

Gonna get more furnitures from Taobao now! We got their chairs and it’s actually really nice and sturdy! 😀 All this will be shared soon!

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