HIFU treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics for my legs!

There’s a video at the end of this post, feel free to check it out!

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My appointment with Halley Medical Aesthetics was scheduled on a weekday evening due to my working hours. I was already restless in the morning and afternoon. Too excited for the treatment and yet nervous at the same time. Abit worried also because I’m afraid the treatment will hurt. :p but all went well since I’m still here typing away and trying to share with you my experience.

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Look at how relaxed I was. I think Dr. Terence was cracking a joke here which explains my laughing face.  

We had a recap of what we are going to do for the evening. The HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment to tighten up my inner thighs and also fat reduction on the back thighs.

Before doing the real thing, Dr. Terence Tan confirmed the treatment areas again, he also did some markings on my legs so he will know where to focus on during the treatment.

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Different marker colours of green, black and red were used to differentiate the tightening areas from the fat reduction areas.

After that, he and the assistant applied numbing cream on my legs and this has to be put on for about 20minutes.

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Putting on the numbing cream.

I’m glad S, Immelda and Herman were there to accompany me (although it’s abit paiseh). We talked and joked for about 20minutes before I proceeded with my treatment!

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We did HIFU on the back of my thighs first to reduce fats on these areas.

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Dr. Terence placed the focus ultrasound probe on the areas where he has marked previously. The high intensity focused ultrasound will destroy the fat cells under the skin. He started with the 13mm probe followed by 7mm. The reason is to further focus on the fats below.

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I will be kidding you if I say I feel nothing during the treatment. The good thing about this machine is that you can let the doctor know which level of intensity you’re comfortable with.

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I’m not sure which intensity I go with but I chose one that was just right for me. If you were to ask me to describe the feeling, it would be like a prickly sensation LOL! The discomfort comes and goes by the way. It happened like every few seconds, and it is bearable.

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Well this is my expression whenever I feel those pricks. 

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I also laughed because sometimes it can be quite ticklish. Lol!

In my opinion, it’s good to feel something because so you will know the machine is really working.

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After he is done with the left thigh, Dr. Tan moved on to the right and repeated the process.

If you ask me, I would rather choose a level that I’m alright with. Many of Dr. Terence’s customers prefer to have a comfortable intensity and repeat the treatments too.

Next, we moved on to my inner thighs to tighten up the loose skin.

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The probe used for skin tightening and fat reduction is different. For skin tightening, a 4.5mm and 3mm will be used.

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Think Dr. Terence Tan cracked some jokes again which explained why I was laughing LOL.

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Compared to liposuction, HIFU is definitely a better choice if you want to reduce fats on your body because it has no down time at all. You don’t need to lie in bed for a week, drained the blood from your legs or even wait for the bruises to subside. HIFU allows you to walk immediately right after the treatment, and start exercising right on the next day. You don’t even need to apply leaves from work to rest at home. Life remains as per normal. Other people won’t even know that you go for this unless you tell them!

No scars will be involved too; maybe some slight bruising if you have thin and sensitive skin like me, but not to worry because after 2-3 weeks they will be entirely gone. And the best part of this whole treatment is that the fat cells that were destroyed will be GONE PERMANENTLY. Isn’t this all what we all wanted??

The only thing though is you have to be really patient about this. The fat cells are permanently removed with the HIFU treatment but you will have to wait for the body to naturally remove the damaged fat cells to your liver. Once processed by the liver, then the fat cells will be eliminated naturally. This whole process will take about 2-4 weeks. Meaning the final result will only be shown after this 2-4 weeks!

Multiple sessions are also recommended, and the prescribed treatment interval is about one month apart which is very good for busy women like us. By the way it has been a month since my treatment and I thought that my inner thighs are a little firmer than before. As multiple treatments are needed, I probably have to go for a few more sessions for my back thighs because honestly it’s only been a session and because of my retention problems, I don’t really know what’s my actual thigh size too. -.- BUT I think the tightening really works well man!

I am going back for review soon, and thinking of doing my calves next after my house has been settled! I am excited for that! 😀

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Lastly, thank you Halley Medical Aesthetics and Dr. Terence Tan for being so encouraging, helpful and thoughtful towards me. Thank you for giving hope to my legs! At least now I know there’s actually something to help my legs so I can walk around with a bikini bottom confidently!

If you’re interested to know more about what I did, just feel free to drop me an email at dreylim1@gmail.com! You can also find out more from Halley’s website http://www.halley.com.sg/ or blog at, blog.halleymedicalaesthetics.com. Alternatively drop them an email at info@halley.com.sg or call them at 6737 8233.

Halley Medical Aesthetics is located at 248 River Valley Road, #01-01, 238302

And this is the video of my treatment! Enjoy! 🙂