[S-series] Fried Chicken Master 炸鷄大獅 at Serangoon NEX review!


Once again, we’re out feasting again. Well its Chinese New Year season now so of course we’re training our tummies right? Its the right thing to do.


We went to Taiwan’s Master of Fried Chicken outlet at NEX Serangoon B2. The modest stall is conveniently located near the NEL entrance where Cold Storage is. So even if you’re in a rush but also in need of sustenance, this is the stall to patronize.

Also known as Fried Chicken Master, they specialize in fried chicken chop. Taiwan + Chicken Chop = Giant Fried Chicken Chop? Well not quite. Fried Chicken Master had 30-year experience in making fried chicken with their secret recipe. They are also under the parent company, Super Qin Group, who specializes in processing meat and poultry. That translates to having the ability to provide us with the freshest parts on a chicken, marinade in their secret recipe and fry them to perfection.Check out their menu:


On the menu are the 4 ‘Jimbo Classic’, their specialty marinated fried chicken. The marinade is, of course, their trade secret. But we got to know that they usually make a batch and marinade them overnight for the next day’s sales. And make no mistakes about the resulting flavour in the chicken. Fried chicken from other places usually depends on their batter for the extra flavour, Fried Chicken Master double up the others by adding flavours to both the flesh and the outer batter! The juicy texture of the 4 Jimbo Classic dishes are phenomenal!

Lemme show you the actual Jimbos one by one:

Cutey Jimbo 200g ($4.80)


Chicken thigh meat cut into cubes and marinated in a slightly sweeter sauce. This is the only dish that uses a different marinade from the other 3 Jimbos. Its darker and has a more prominent soy sauce flavour. This is a great snack for smuggling into a cinema watching a movie at home. You just pop them in like juicy popcorn chicken. When I say juicy, it doesn’t mean its soggy, the crispiness can only be due to the freshness of the chicken. All their dishes are cooked on order, so you will always get freshly fried chicken every time.

Running Jimbo ($4.80)

This is named ‘Running Jimbo’ because its actually thigh meat. Get it? Thigh meat so it runs.. Okay that’s not funny, but the taste is nothing to joke about. This freshly fried thigh meat is the juiciest meat I ever had! Move over that spicy thigh meat from that letter ‘M’ restaurant, when I bite into this thigh meat, the juices will flow down my chin. Well I’m not really sure if that’s juices or just flavoured oil. Highly recommended.


*Glistering Glistering*

Lovely Jimbo ($5.00)


This is the meatiest of all, well its chicken breast meat so that’s why. Breast meat is known for its dry texture, but none of that nonsense in this Lovely Jimbo. Oh I forgot to mention, its call lovely because well its shape vaguely resembles a heart. Well names are just names, when you bite into this then you will really fall in love.

Flying Jimbo ($3.80)


Flying Jimbo.. yeah.. wings. This has to be the crispiest of the lot, its also the only one still having its bone inside. If you love crispy stuff, look no further. Wings for me is a love hate relationship, I love its crispiness when fried but I resent the fact that its got bones usually and lesser meat for my money. I’m cheapo so I always look out for the best value. LOL.

Sides: Crispy French Fries and Onion Rings


I don’t know why but their fries are really crispy. We were trying to think where else did we had the same type of fries.. The onion rings though, was awesome! I mean, we can even taste fresh onion within the batter, fresh you know!! Not those over cooked hard fibrous strip of what the onion once was, FRESH! I seriously wonder how they did it, but if I do know, I’ll be opening my own stall already anyways… So.. yeah…

One thing I really need to comment: We were served all 4 of the drinks they offer on their menu, the Kamquat & Lemon Juice ($2), Earl Grey Milk Tea ($2.50), Roselle Tea ($1.80) and Lychee Black Tea ($1.80). I am really really impressed by the drinks they have to offer. Even though there are only 4 choices, everyone of them actually goes well with the food. And they match the standard of those overpriced bubble tea chain stores available everywhere. The Kamquat and Lemon Juice is for when you want that refreshing kick, its a heavy kick mind you, wakes you up better than an espresso. The Roselle Tea and Lychee Black Tea neutralized the oiliness of all the fried stuff you ingests and the Earl Grey Milk Tea beats that just drink tea that was once the hype where people go queue up after midnight for. Weird, when the best Earl Grey Milk Tea is hidden in a fried chicken restaurant and nobody cares… They source their own tea leaves from Sri Lanka to brew this awesome milk tea you know, show some appreciation!


Well just so you guys know, this awesome meaty restaurant is located in NEX.

NEX Serangoon, #B2-48A, 23 Serangoon Central 556083

Go visit them at their facebook and instagram. You will find promotions frequently, do check them out and save some bucks.

Now I’m craving for another fried chicken feast.. hmmmm… need to convince Claire though… oh well.

Simon Tey signing out now.