MKUP’s 5 in 1 Skin Purifier Micellar Cleansing Water review!

It has been more than a month since I talked about this cleansing water. Apologies for the late review as I was having really bad rashes back then hence I could only post this review after about using this for almost a month now.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a 5 in 1 cleansing water/makeup remover:

Removes makeup.
Soothes and calms. 

After using this for about a month, I find that it is quite effective for a makeup remover, one cotton pad of the solution is enough to remove my face makeup and abit more for the eyeliner. But not so well for the eyelashes though – I just can’t find a crazy good remover to get rid of my heroine mascara except for the olive oil.

Even so I still think this product is quite good because it’s cooling, not harsh on the skin and removes makeup easily. The solution looks super clear just like tap water but it amazed me when being applied on the skin.

 photo IMG_0079_zpsy6gf2s2p.jpg

To further add on, this product contains No Alcohol, No Fragrance and no colourant!
The main ingredient includes

  1. Sacchiride Isomerate to boost moisture retention, reduce moisture loss and maintain skin’s moisture.
  2. Pansy Extract to improve skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  3. Vitamin B3 to help soothe & improve skin conditions like dehydrated yet oily skin, acne prone skin, dull skin, redness, dark spots and sensitiveness.

A test has also been done to show that placing a cotton pad with this product for 5 seconds on the affected face area can help to reduce redness.

As you know, this product is also unique in a way that it can be used as a toner. I thought this is a really great idea because it means I can save some money. 😛 but I tried this twice leaving the cleanser on my skin overnight and I ended up with minor hives on the face.

I have very sensitive skin so that might be the reason why this happens but nevertheless I intend to try a few times more. 😡 and will update this space if it finally works lol!

 photo IMG_0080_zpsk4tfvoxd.jpg

Anyway I will be getting a new one once I finished this bottle, which I think would be soon since I used it everyday and even brought it to Bali. This has officially become one of my favorites.

 photo DSC04925_zpshoyqg7ny.jpg

I removed half of the makeup on my face (on the picture below, except for the eyelashes) but I think you can’t really see the difference as the lighting is too good.

 photo DSC04931_zpsuhwltcjt.jpg


I would definitely recommend the MKUP cleanser if you’re looking for an affordable remover that has multiple functions, lightweight and make you feel refreshed and clean after using. 🙂 With normal and sensitive skin, you can even use this as a toner which imo really helps to make the night routine more convenient and less costly. :p

For myself, I suspect I’m allergic to one of the ingredients but that would be another story as I’m still using this as a makeup remover happily. 🙂

For the price and info of the product click here.
MKUP cleansing water has been awarded the most effective cleansing water in Cleo 2016 Beauty Hall of Fame

Please note that although this post is sponsored, all reviews are solely of my own. 

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