[S-series] Terrainware Nixon x British Millerain Series Ltd Ed (of course).


Today, I went out to work in the morning and it was raining heavily. My little umbrella sheltered me nicely, but not my backpack… And so it got wet.. That set me thinking, if my backpack was made of a waterproof material, say… Waxed cotton canvas? I wouldn’t have this issue right?


That reminds me, recently I was given a chance to see the new series of swag packs that came from a cross between Nixon and British Millerain. Terrainware at Pandan gardens was the first in Singapore to launch the Nixon x British Millerain collection and the packs was almost sold out by the time i was there. Crazy. Terrainware stocks outdoor brands I liked, I like these brands because they represent the chill out living-in-the-woods and the adventures that ensues such lifestyle, its like what I always remind myself: when the sky falls, I’d use it as a blanket (literal translation from a chinese saying I think).


I bet you guys heard of Nixon before, that American brand that made cool timepieces and lifestyle products, you’ll always see them in town locally and cool is the word that stuck on well to Nixon.

A quick google reveals that British Millerain is steeped with heritage. It has been making waxed cotton canvas  since the 19th century, people go after those waxed cotton for its durability and waterproofing for protection against the freezing weather and frozen salt spray out at sea.. in the temperate regions that is.. because you will die of heat stroke if you wear waxed cotton in the tropical regions… But it still offers you good protection from a torrential downpour, every time. And I needed it in this morning..


I dig the rugged look that the bag offers, I always set ruggedness high up on my list, because a tool is supposed to be used and stand up to the abuse (omg it rhymes!). The ‘tools’ I really loved weren’t pampered, they were broken in by my usage and I don’t take very good care of the exteriors because those are not the top priority. So when you see something looking like they belong to the dumpster on me, it means I loved it, e.g. my worn undies, they are so worn out because I love them.

So there you have it, the bags that screams ruggedness like I just came back from the mountains everytime I commute to work or go anywhere, if I was carrying them.. Any other bags would probably get a response like ‘oh just came out from home?’ ‘or the office?’; urban places sucks, the outdoors rules people.

Check them out now at Terrainware while stocks last, located at

200 Pandan Gardens, The Sports Stage #01-10/11 Singapore 609336


Simon Tey